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Last month, we reported that the former “Dukes Of Hazzard” star John Schneider had lost his wife Alicia Allain to cancer when she was only 53 years-old. In the weeks since then, Schneider has been dealing with his grief by penning open letters to his late wife, who he refers to by the nickname Smile, and posting them to Facebook.

Schneider’s Letter To Late Wife

On Wednesday, Schneider admitted to Allain that he was having a particularly “tough” day without her. 

“Today is a tough one,” he wrote. “I woke up this morning, realizing just a little bit more that you were not beside me. The thought came to mind that for some reason I have been given a life sentence of the worst kind. A life sentence without you. I hate to be overly dramatic, but that’s how I feel today and I can’t seem to shake it.”

“I love you with all my heart, soul, strength, mind, spirit, and body. And I have to tell you that ‘grief’ is much too small a word,” he continued. “Don’t worry though my smile I will persevere. I’m surrounded by friends and our wonderful family who are holding me up as I am, hopefully, holding them up as well. A world without you in it doesn’t seem to be much of a world at all.”

Schneider, 62, went on to say that their daughter and other family members are keeping him going during this difficult time.

“Thank you for not only making me strong but for making me understand why I need to be. My goal, as always, is to Make you Proud!” he concluded. “I adore you my Sweet Smile and look forward to ‘that’ day.”

Schneider signed the note by referring to himself as Allain’s “forever-husband.”

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Allain’s History

Allain was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2019, and her obituary states that she passed away “at her home surrounded by her family as she took her last breath on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.” She was an actress and owned her own entertainment company that produced nearly 20 films from 1995 to 2022, with two projects still set to be released.

Allain and Schneider started dating in 2015 and married in September of 2019. During their time together, they collaborated together on various projects in the entertainment world that included movies and music. 

“This is a time of unimaginable sorrow for me,” Schneider wrote on social media after her death. “Grief is much too small a word. I’ve heard it said that ‘with great love comes great sorrow.’ I had no idea what that meant until now. Alicia was the fuel that ran my biggest dreams. The inspiration behind every creative thought. The very fabric of my soul. The glue that held me together. I miss her more than any words could possibly describe.”

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Schneider’s Clothing Line

Schneider has dealt with his grief in part by working on the clothing line that he and Allain had started together. Yesterday, he took to Facebook to promote a shirt that has the words “Make Her Proud” written on it, seemingly a reference to his late wife.

Losing a loved one is arguably the worst thing a person can go through, particularly when they are taken at as young an age as Allain was. Please join us in saying a prayer for Schneider as he continues to deal with this devastating loss. 

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