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Last month, we reported that the legendary “Dukes Of Hazard” star John Schneider’s wife Alicia Allain had died at the age of 53 after a battle with cancer. Afterwards, Schneider took to social media to tell his late wife all about the nuptials in a touching public letter.

Schneider Attends Daughter’s Wedding Weeks After Wife’s Death

The wedding was reportedly of Allain’s daughter Jessica from a previous marriage, but Schneider described her as his daughter in his social media posts, showing how close the two of them have become in recent years since his 2019 marriage to her mother. On the morning of the wedding, Schneider took to Facebook to write that he was “so excited to be backstage at this blessed event in our daughter’s life.”

“Times like these are when we lean on the firm shoulders of friends and family and appreciate the love we share,” he wrote, later adding that “Today is going to be a wonderful day!”

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Schneider’s Letter To His ‘Sweet Love’

The day after the wedding, Schneider penned an open letter to “My sweet love” to let her know how it all went. 

“Words cannot express how beautiful yesterday’s wedding was,” Schneider wrote. “The flowers, the music, the bride, and the groom, the grandparents the parents on both sides, were in awe of the organization and attention to detail.”

“The most amazing thing I saw was that our daughter and her, now, husband spoke to each other and looked at each other the same way you and I looked at each other on our wedding day,” he continued. “What an affirmation of love. What a remarkable sight to see from an entirely different perspective.”

Schneider went on to address Allain by the nickname “Smile,” which appeared to be what he called her throughout their relationship. 

“My sweet, sweet smile I know that you were there with us, and that you are happy and filled with joy at the union of these two remarkable people. I ate, laughed and even danced a little bit and so did your Mom and Dad. You would have been so proud!” he continued.

“I do know that you met me on the back porch when I had my ‘moment’ and I am eternally grateful for that,” the grieving husband said. “I look forward to the day when we can look at one another once again the way, Jessica and Daniel looked at each other yesterday.”

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Schneider Leans On His Christian Faith

Schneider then made it clear that his strong Christian faith allows him to know that he’ll see his beloved wife again someday. 

“I know that day is coming because we are ‘two that became one flesh’ and I believe that ‘one flesh’ must be reunited in heaven,” he wrote. “I did have a vision as I slept that I find most comforting of all. I was reminded that you are more ‘real’ now in heaven than you ever were here. What a change in Perspective that is!”

“My love, I look forward to being that ‘real’ one day and standing by your side once again, so that even the angels can marvel at the width and depth of our love,” he concluded. “Have a wonderful day with all your rekindled relationships and I will do the same here. Until then, my sweet smile. Your adoring husband, Me.”

Allain’s History

Allain was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2019, and her obituary states that she passed away “at her home surrounded by her family as she took her last breath on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.” She was an actress and owned her own entertainment company that produced nearly 20 films from 1995 to 2022, with two projects still set to be released.

Allain and Schneider started dating in 2015 and married in September of 2019. During their time together, they collaborated together on various projects in the entertainment world that included movies and music. 

Allain was far too young to be taken from this world, and our hearts go out to all of her family, friends, and loved ones. Please continue to pray for Schneider as well as for all those who were close to Allain during this difficult time. 

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