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WWE Stable Switching To RAW, NXT Star Is “Suspended”

A WWE stable is switching brands and heading to RAW from SmackDown. Plus, an NXT star is ‘suspended’ due to some actions on TV last week.

According to a report, a WWE stable is switching brands and heading to Monday Night RAW from SmackDown. Plus, an NXT star is ‘suspended’ due to some actions on television last week.

WWE Stable Switching To RAW

Fightful Select is reporting that Maxxine Dupri, Mace, and Mansoor are now all officially on the Red brand. The stable appeared on RAW during the January 30th episode, seemingly trying to recruit Otis to their faction.

Known as Maximum Male Models, the trio was last seen on SmackDown during the January 20th episode. It had been months before that since the stable had been on television, but they have been a part of live events.

WWE Stable Switching To RAW – Could Big Things Lay On The Horizon?

Fightful notes that in RAW episodes ahead, the stable will solidify its brand switch. What kind of storyline will they dive into?

The stable has had a bit of a hard go since they were introduced to SmackDown audiences in July 2022. In fact, Mace and Mansoor were originally managed by Max Dupri before he settled back into his former persona, LA Knight, this past September.

Mace entered the land of WWE in 2016. He was originally on NXT and 205 Live and even joined Jerry Lawler and Vic Joseph for a bit as a RAW analyst.

He debuted on the main roster in 2020 as Mace and was a part of the short-lived stable known as Retribution. Meanwhile, Mansoor started with the WWE in 2018.

A Saudi native, he was scouted a year ahead of the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble. He debuted in NXT later in 2018 and entered the main roster in 2021.

Speaking of NXT, looks like a superstar was recently suspended. More on this, below.

NXT Star Is “Suspended”

Grayson Waller has been ‘suspended’ from NXT. For those that recall, after he lost his Vengeance Day match against Bron Breakker, he confronted Shawn Michaels at the post-event media conference.

WWE Stable Switching RAW
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE announced Waller’s suspension via Twitter on February 6th. Chaos ensued when Grayson stormed into Michaels’s interview following the event.

He began demanding what he needed to do to be “the guy at NXT. As officials and Michaels tried to get Waller out of the room, he began mocking Shawn’s Heartbreak Kid attire from the 1990s.

Grayson noted that maybe he needed to wear hearts on his tights or “dress like Diesel” to get Shawn’s attention. His suspension will last for one week.

An Interesting Storyline Unfolds

Unfortunately for both Waller and NXT fans, Grayson will have to wait a week before this program continues to unfold. Although it is very clear that this “suspension” is a storyline-related one.

Grayson did take to Twitter and seemingly tried to apologize for his actions. Although it does seem like there’s an underlying mocking tone, as you can see from the tweet, above.

Waller signed with the WWE in 2021. He first started off in 205 Live that year in June and would eventually make his way to NXT by the time September hit.

While he’s yet to acquire gold in WWE, this could change in a matter of months. Looks like Grayson has a bright future ahead with the company.

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