Thunder Rosa Not Cleared
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Last August during Dynamite, Thunder Rosa revealed to AEW fans that she was injured and could not defend her Women’s title. While she’s on the road to recovery, a recent report reveals she’s still not cleared to compete.

Thunder Rosa Not Cleared

As per Fightful Select, the AEW star is still “not ready” for an in-ring return. Right after Rosa sustained her injury, it seemed as if she and Tony Khan were hopeful about a quick recovery.

This is why Toni Storm was chosen as the interim AEW Women’s Champion. However, by November 2022, it was clear that Rosa would not return to action anytime soon, so the ‘interim’ was removed from Storm’s title reign by Khan.

Thunder Rosa Not Cleared – When Will She Be?

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Rosa will probably return sometime this month or in March. She is not only recovering from her injury, but currently working on her skillset, too.

While talking with Steven’s Wrestling Journey, Rosa notes how much she wants to improve her promo skills. Interestingly enough, while she’s not been cleared, she has been backstage at AEW Dynamite recently.

As per a PW Insider’s report, Rosa was in the locker room area at a recent Dynamite show in El Paso, Texas. It’s unclear just why she was backstage.

Regardless, here’s hoping that Thunder Rosa makes a full recovery and returns to that squared circle soon. The AEW women’s division is sure to heat up, once she does.

Over to other wrestling news, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is undeniably a wrestling legend. With that said, he did compete during a different era, which would explain a recent story he shared about a shooting at a house show.

Jake Roberts – House Show Shooting

Kayfabe was alive and well during Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ wrestling career. In fact, some fans took storylines a little too seriously during that time.

Thunder Rosa Not Cleared

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The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke with Derricks Reptiles about his time in wrestling. When asked to talk about a “crazy” fan story, Jake recalls a live event in Dallas, Texas.

According to Roberts, he was wrestling Sting at the time. During the match, a man from the ninth row stood up, reached into his coat, pulled out a pistol, and started shooting at Jake.

Roberts states that the fan got three shots and missed him with all of them. Luckily, Jake was able to get out of the ring quickly and hide underneath it.

Roberts Reveals More “Crazy” Stories

Jake was asked about something he never told Vince McMahon that he wished he did. Roberts’ reply was to, “Go F yourself”.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts wrestled with the WWE from 1986 to 1992. He defected to WCW after his departure and then wrestled in the indies before returning to the company from 1996 to 1997.

He’s had sporadic appearances on the WWE after his last run from 2005 to 2014. Roberts is under contract with AEW and has been with the promotion since 2019, currently working as a special advisor in the company’s community outreach program.

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