seth rollins wrestlemania plans
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As things often do, Seth Rollins’ original WrestleMania 39 plans have changed. Plus, what’s going on with Matt Riddle’s eventual WWE return?

Seth Rollins WrestleMania Plans Changed

If you’ve been following the rumors in recent months, this might not surprise you…but Seth Rollins’ initial WrestleMania plans changed.

There were rumors about Rollins involved in one main event at WrestleMania ahead of the Royal Rumble.

Part of that plan revolved around the potential of Roman Reigns dropping one of his world titles. In that scenario, Reigns would defend one belt on one of the evenings, with someone else defending on the other.

According to Fightful, the rumors were true, and at one point Seth Rollins’ WrestleMania plans had him involved in a world title match, opposite one of either Cody Rhodes or Drew McIntyre.

As we know, the unified titles never got split up. Roman Reigns remains a dual champion. Reigns will defend them against Cody Rhodes in Hollywood in April.

Now, Rollins appears destined for a collision with Logan Paul.

While there is no confirmation of this, some things were likely up in the air due to the unknown plans around The Rock.

For months, speculation was rampant that one of our WrestleMania main events was going to be Reigns against his cousin.

As we know-and barring a stunning change-that is not happening. Not unless Johnson comes in at the end of things, like Hogan did at Caesar’s Palace long ago.

seth rollins wrestlemania plans

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Seth Rollins has been a top star for quite some time, but he has not held a top title in a bit (then again…outside of Reigns and Lesnar…who has?).

It would be nice to see him with a world title again soon, and at one point, it was in the cards.

But, as we know, cards are subject to change…and once again, they did.

Matt Riddle’s Return

In other news, what is going on about Matt Riddle’s WWE return?

Late in 2022, Riddle was effectively written off of television thanks to an attack by Solo Sikoa.

As most everyone knows, there was a reason for the write-off.

While it was not announced by WWE, it was confirmed by Riddle himself that he was entering rehab at the tail end of the year.

Reports emerged that the Superstar had been suspended for his second drug policy violation.

Now, according to the Wrestling Observer, Riddle’s suspension has run it’s course.

That means that Riddle could return at any time.

However, per the report, there have not been any discussions about a possible return just yet.

seth rollins wrestlemania plans

source: @GoodOl_JM, twitter, screenshot

Considering the timing of things, this makes some sense.

If WWE truly wanted him on the WrestleMania card, they could bring him back soon and have him work a low or mid card match.

After all, we do have a month to go.

But, if there are no solid creative plans, it is possible that Riddle’s return is being held off until the shows after WrestleMania.

After all, the RAW and SmackDown following the Show of Shows are known for debuts from NXT as well as returns.

Could Riddle be one of the 2023 post-WrestleMania returns?

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