AEW Name Cody Rhodes
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A former AEW name is slamming Cody Rhodes for how he acted in the company. Also, Matt Riddle speaks to the fans following his rehab stint.

Ex AEW Name Slams Cody Rhodes

In the beginning of AEW, they featured a mix of familiar and unfamiliar names. One of the biggest draws was Cody Rhodes. 

Besides being a member of the roster, Cody was the Executive Vice President of AEW. Also, his wife, Brandi Rhodes was the Chief Brand Officer.

They held those titles until departing with the company in December 2021. For one name that was around AEW at the time, he did not like Cody or Brandi.

In fact, Dan Lambert believed they played the politics game and sucked up to Tony Khan. Lambert went into a few more details while speaking to Bill Apter on Sportskeeda’s “WrestleBinge.”

“He played the politics game better than anybody in history and sucked up to Tony Khan-man and got his way all the time,” said Lambert. “What the hell is a Chief Brand Officer? What does that even mean other than to feed your ego?”

For those unfamiliar with Lambert, he is the leader of American Top Team. The group are better known in the MMA community. 

Lambert was given a decent amount of time on AEW TV. During his entire run, he was portrayed as a villain.

He worked with a mixture of pro wrestlers and MMA fighters. Together, he took part in several high profile angles.

Dan Lambert And Cody Rhodes Depart AEW

Eventually, he moved on and stopped appearing on AEW TV. Instead, he focused on American Top Team and his fighters.

As for Cody leaving AEW for WWE, there have been no reports of bad blood. Seemingly, Rhodes and Khan could not agree on a new deal.

So, Rhodes retuned to WWE and was instantly pushed to the top. Then, an injury sidelined Rhodes for most of last year.

But, he is already making-up for lost time. He returned at the Royal Rumble and won the men’s version of the match.

Therefore, he will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 for all the gold. If Rhodes wins, he will stop Reigns historic title run.

Matt Riddle On Rehab Stint

AEW Name Cody Rhodes

Source: @patricktheheel, Twitter, Screenshot

It has been just over two months since Matt Riddle last appeared on WWE TV. He was written off TV on the December 5 edition of RAW because he entered rehab.

It is believed that he failed one or two tests prior to being sent to rehab by WWE. As of now, there is no word on when he will return.

He seems to be out and thanked everyone for the support. In the tweet, he also included his girlfriend and pornstar, Misha Montana.

There was speculation Riddle would be an entrant in the Royal Rumble Match, but that did not occur. 

Before the suspension, Riddle was in a tag team with Randy Orton. RK-Bro was a major hit with fans, but Orton has been out for months because of injury.

There is talk that Orton might be done with WWE. Without Orton, Riddle struggled to find the same success. 

Orton against Riddle seemed like something WWE would book down the road, but that talk has cooled. If both are healthy, it would be an amazing return for the two superstars.

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