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Logan Paul In Possible Trouble, AEW Moving On From Bow Wow

Off the cusp of his CryptoZoo scandal, sounds like Logan Paul could be in possible trouble. Plus, AEW is moving on from Bow Wow.

Logan Paul has won over the WWE Universe, for the most part. Plus, he’s still also a huge YouTube celebrity and internet sensation. With that said, he could also be in some possible trouble. Read below to find out why.

Logan Paul In Possible Trouble

Paul was a major player in the CryptoZoo project. Fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla conducted a three-video investigation around this.

Initially, Logan’s response to the investigation videos was denying responsibility or any wrongdoing. He threatened legal action against Coffeezilla.

However, Logan would then provide a three-step plan he devised to help those investors who suffered a loss, make their money back. After this, he took a 180 on his past statements.

Still, that didn’t stop Paul from making claims against Zach Kelling, the main developer. Logan revealed Kelling’s arrest records and claims these have been completely removed.

Logan Paul In Possible Trouble … A Lawsuit On The Horizon?

If those charges were dropped, as the claim, then Logan could be sued. As stated by Scott Shafer on YouTubed, exposing the expunged record of Kelling is against the law in certain states.

Logan could be facing a defamation suit. With that said, finding a way to help his investors make their money back, was well-received by many.

Over to the land of AEW, looks like the company is dropping a storyline that centers around rapper Bow Wow. But, why?

AEW Moving On From Bow Wow

Jade Cargill is a top female AEW star. It’s taken a short amount of time for this talent to shoot to the top.

Logan Paul Possible Trouble
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The AEW TBS Champion was in a pseudo-feud with rapper Bow Wow as 2022 was coming to an end. But Jade recently notes that this is all about to wind down soon.

The two got into a social media exchange, which led up to the wrestling storyline. Cargill would then confront the rapper backstage at one of his concerts.

Bow Wow would also appear on the big screen during the November 30th edition of Dynamite last year. He let Jade know he would “see her soon”.

However, since that incident, there’s been no follow-up to the storyline. Sounds like AEW is dropping the angle.

Saying “Goodbye” To Bow Wow

Jade recently had a chat with Bootleg Kev. She notes that AEW is moving on from the Bow Wow storyline.

Cargill states she doesn’t know “what happened”. She adds that something was “supposed” to happen, it didn’t, and they are “moving on” from the “situation”.

Jade debuted in AEW in November 2020 and was signed to a multi-year deal. There were high hopes for her in the women’s division, and she has more than delivered during her tenure with the company.

On January 5, 2022, she defeated Ruby Soho to become the first-ever TBS Champion. Her current 377+ reign is the longest of any AEW champion in the company’s history, breaking Hiraku Shida’s 372 days with the AEW Women’s Championship.

It’s unfortunate that AEW is moving on from the Bow Wow storyline. However, this likely won’t slow down Jade’s momentum in the company.

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