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Things got awkward for Joy Behar on “The View” on Wednesday morning when she was left mortified as a producer who she described as being “evil” embarrassed her in front of her celebrity crush Liam Neeson.

Behar’s Crush On Neeson Exposed

Daily Mail reported that Behar, 80, was initially visibly excited when Neeson, 70, joined her on the set of her ABC talk show to promote his new movie Marlowe. However, things quickly took a turn to the worse for her when her co-host Sunny Hostin revealed that a series of clips had been put together showing every time Behar had gushed over Neeson on live TV over the years.

“[Joy] will believe anything that you say because it’s no secret that Joy thinks you’re the hottest and the greatest ever,” Hostin said to Neeson, going on to add, “And in case there was any doubt, we have a few times she’s brought you up over the years, I think we have some video.”

The series of clips began with a recent one in which Behar bizarrely said, “I would just like to have my ashes sprinkled over Liam Neeson.”

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Behar’s Crush Escalates

In another clip, Behar let her co-hosts know that she has room in her heart for both Neeson and her husband Steve Janowitz, who she’s been married to since 2011.

“There’s room in my heart for Steve… and for Liam Neeson, let’s say,” Behar said. 

A third clip showed Behar swooning over Neeson’s Taken film series, saying, “I mean Liam Neeson right now, those kidnapping movies that he does get me so aroused, I can’t tell you.”

Once the clips finally came to an end, Behar appeared to be speechless for once in her life.

“Am I blushing? Am I blushing?” she said, with Neeson jokingly asking her, “You received the checks, right?”

“I have… I’m sorry, I’m speechless at this point,” Joy responded as she looked down at her desk in shame. “How embarrassing when they put them all together like that!”

That’s when Behar shifted to attacking “The View” producer Brian Teta, saying, “That was evil, Brian. Embarrassing me… and Liam!”

Behar’s Romantic History

Though Behar has been married to Janowitz since 2011, she has actually been with him since 1982. Prior to that, she was married to Joseph Behar from 1965 until they divorced in 1981. 

“I waited until all the parents were dead,” Behar once said of why she waited so long to marry Janowitz, according to Closer Weekly. “So I have no in-laws at all. He has none and I have none. ‘Cause marriage is mostly about in-laws, I find. They always want you to visit them and come for lasagna.”

The Sun reported that Behar revealed on one episode of “The View” that she met Janowitz at a nudist colony.

“He was all the way on the other side of this place — and it was like an adult place,” she continued. “He was far away naked. And then at night, there was a movie playing, and then I saw him fully dressed.”

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