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Things got weird on “The View” once again last week when the 80 year-old co-host Joy Behar revealed her bizarre funeral plans to the world.

Behar Sounds Off 

With Whoopi Goldberg absent from last Friday’s show, it was up to Behar to act as moderator, and she launched a very strange segment when the show returned from one commercial break.

“A woman in the U.K. had her dying wish fulfilled at her funeral when a flashmob of dancers performed a surprise rendition of Queen’s classic song ‘Another One Bites The Dust,'” Behar began, according to The Sun

After a clip of the flashmob was shown, Behar looked visibly baffled, and she then revealed what she wants to happen to her own body when she dies.

“I don’t know… I would just like to have my ashes sprinkled over Liam Neeson, and that would be enough for me!” she exclaimed. “Would you guys wanna go out like that?” 

“I think that’s amazing, it’s clearly a celebration of life,” her co-host Sara Haines replied.

“That was pretty hard to watch,” Sunny Hostin chimed in to say, with Ana Navarro adding, “I want a drag show and I want them to play Gloria Gaynor’s song ‘I Will Survive’ but change the lyrics to ‘I didn’t survive.'” 

Things then got serious when Hostin expressed her discomfort at the video, which showed the flashmob performance happening in a Catholic Church. 

“I agree you don’t want it to be sad, but I’m a little uncomfortable watching the dancers under the cross, the repressed Catholic in me… I feel very dirty,” she said. 

“I liked it better in theory until I saw the video,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said in agreement.

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Behar Tries To Lighten The Mood

“I don’t approve of dying in the first place, I totally disapprove of it!” Behar blurted out in a feeble attempt to lighten the mood.

“I’m gonna be here for Season 47! Wearing these boots!” she continued as she kicked her legs in the air.

Check out the full clip in the video below. 

Behar has a lengthy history of bizarre behavior on “The View,” which she was an original co-host on when it premiered back in 1997. Though she was briefly fired from the show in 2013, she was brought back in 2015, and has been on the program ever since. 

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Behar Has ‘No Plans’ To Retire

Behar celebrated her 80th birthday in October of last year, but despite this, she defiantly said at the time that she has “no plans” to retire. 

“I just signed a contract so I’ll be here for a while,” Behar told People Magazine around the time of her birthday. “I have no plans to retire.”

“It’s really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways,” she went on to say of the ABC talk show. “Sometimes I don’t believe that, as I’ve been here since the beginning, but we’re the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched! I’m happy to be a part of it. So no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m having a good time.”

As her behavior on “The View” continues to get more strange, however, it remains to be seen how much longer ABC will think it’s worth keeping Behar around. 

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