aew kenny omegas contract
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He won’t likely be a free agent just yet, as AEW reportedly updates Kenny Omega’s contract. Plus, is there some Melina-WWE heat?

AEW Updates Kenny Omega’s Contract

In recent weeks, it’s been reported that he would be a top free agent target. Now, AEW updates Kenny Omega’s contract…likely delaying things a bit.

Rumors have been swirling that Omega is on WWE’s wish list, and there were whispers that the interest might be mutual.

Things bubbled up in part because Kenny Omega’s original AEW contract was expected to expire in January of 2023.

Except, there was a catch.

AEW contracts have a clause similar to WWE contracts. This clause allows for injury time to be tacked on at the back end.

So, if someone misses a chunk of time from their multi-year deal, the deal could become a bit longer.

In the case of Kenny Omega, after he dropped the AEW title, he missed about nine months of time in the ring.

The time off was much-deserved, but also much-needed. Omega had been working through several injuries, so the time off allowed him to recover.

Well, now that time off has been reportedly tacked on to the back of his AEW contract.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Tony Khan is believed to have added the time to the contract, as is his contractual right.

aew kenny omegas contract

source: @adamgoldberg28, twitter, screenshot

Without knowing the timing of the decision, I can’t help but wonder if this was a spite move.

Meaning, with the Omega-to-WWE rumors heating up, did Tony Khan do what he had to do in order to keep a top star away from WWE a bit longer?

Perhaps. Otherwise, if for no other reason, having Omega in AEW for approximately nine more months would simply be best for business.

Melina-WWE Heat

There were some interesting rumors swirling about a former Superstar, and now Melina discusses any possible WWE heat she might have.

Fans have often hoped for even a cameo by the former talent.

She recently spoke on The Artist Version One podcast, and the topic of her having heat in WWE came up.

Listening to Melina talk through the idea of her having heat, she seemed a bit flustered by it.

In her words, she did as she was told and was easy to get along with, but people talk and rumors get started.

Melina did her best to dance around the talk, as well as deflate it.

It doesn’t sound like she thinks she has heat, or should have heat in the back within WWE.

But, as she said, it all depends on the source.

aew kenny omegas contract

source: @realmelina, twitter, screenshot

Meaning, is the source someone who has a beef with her, for whatever reason (silly or otherwise)?

Certain talents have been known to be petty, jealous and not unwilling to stoop to some really low levels.

In her mind, she should have no heat, but it all depends on the source.


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