Kenny omega's contract status
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He was a hot free agent a few years ago…could Kenny Omega’s contract status make him one again soon? And…will Arn Anderson finally retire?

Kenny Omega’s Contract Status

After a busy 2022, what does Kenny Omega’s contract status look like for AEW moving forward?

And, by busy 2022, we don’t just mean for Omega and his running mates in The Elite.

Omega (along with the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes) was basically one of the first stars brought in to AEW. There’s a reason he’s not just a former champion, but also an executive.

I am going somewhere with Rhodes, I promise…and it links up with Kenny Omega’s contract status.

Cody Rhodes departed AEW early in 2022, heading back to WWE.

Now, if they all signed around the same time…surely Omega’s contract is up soon, or did he already re-sign?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Omega’s contract is still believed to run through February of 2023.

Kenny omega's contract status

source: @dainbramager, twitter, screenshot

That being said, AEW already announced him for March dates. It could be that he had time tacked on to the back end, either due to him missing so much time with injury, or even from his suspension.

If one or both scenarios is true, Omega’s contract may run well into 2023. Or, it’s possible he has quietly signed an extension.

Not sure of that though. When The Young Bucks extended their deals, same as when Jericho extended his, there was a bit of news about that.

Speaking of the Bucks, their contracts run into 2024. The Observer speculates that we might see the trio aim to be a package deal.

Could that mean all three leaving AEW at the same time? Or is it more that they just want to make sure they all see their next contracts run simultaneously?

In any case, Omega is important to AEW, so it will be interesting to see what happens there.

Will Arn Anderson Retire

Onto other news…will the legendary Arn Anderson ever retire?

I couldn’t blame him if he was enjoying showing up on television and doing whatever he does in AEW…since he’s not doing the physical grind he used to.

That said, The Enforcer used his own podcast to open up about his own contract status and what’s going on in AEW with him, as well as son Brock.

Anderson basically said when his AEW contract is done in 18 months, he is done. 

Curiously, his son’s AEW contract appears to run out in just about 6 months, meaning Brock could be out of AEW before his father.

Anderson was blunt about the lack of use both father and son have seen in 2022, pointing out they were basically gone all summer from television.

There was some cautious optimism from the elder Anderson, however. He noted that Jon Moxley saw some potential in Brock…so there’s that.

But, even if it seems like Arn Anderson will retire when his AEW deal is up…would he?

Kenny omega's contract status

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Or, would he consider a WWE reunion, since there is a new boss in town? 

I mean…what if the folks in charge of NXT rang him up for a coaching gig, maybe even the NXT GM role that Regal did?

And…perhaps getting Brock Anderson some better usage on weekly television too?

Anything is possible, right?

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