AEW Considering Streaming Service
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Sounds like All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has some major plans for 2023. From negotiating a new TV rights deal with Warner Bros. Discovery to launching a video game, and live event tours. So, it’s no shocker that AEW is also considering a streaming service.

AEW Considering Streaming Service

According to Bloomberg, AEW is thinking about launching its own streaming service. This coming from a source that is “familiar” with management’s thinking.

The service would be done with assistance from Warner Brothers Discovery. No other information was provided, which seems to indicate that talks are in the early stages.

Not The First Time AEW Was Considering A Streaming Service

With that said, this isn’t the first time that the rumor mill has implied that AEW wanted to start up a streaming service or look to ink a deal for one. Tony Khan once admitted there had been “talks” in the past about this with HBO Max.

AEW did not end up on HBO Max, and talks fizzled shortly after Warner Brothers merged with Discovery to become the WBD conglomerate they are now. Only time will tell.

As mentioned above, AEW has some big plans for this year. While there have been delays in launching their video game, “AEW Fight Forever”, there seems to be a good reason for it.

According to reports, the release has been held up because the company and game developer Yukes has yet to be given the “T” rating they want for the video game. Sources state that they have submitted “Fight Forever” for a T rating, twice so far.

As per a report, they have been rejected on this rating, both times. Here’s hoping they can come to some sort of resolution on this.

On to some WWE news and a WrestleMania 39 title match. More on this, below.

WrestleMania 39 Title Match

Looks like the WWE is hard at work to shape up WrestleMania 39 card. As every talent aspires to be part of the Grandest Stage of Them All, it’s no surprise that the WWE is planning a triple-threat match.

AEW Considering Streaming Service

Source: @randy_wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

WrestleVotes is a Twitter handle that generally breaks news and spoilers on the WWE all the time. According to them, the company has plans for an Intercontinental Championship three-way match.

Sheamus has wanted that IC gold for a while now to become the “ultimate” grand slam champion in the WWE. Sounds like he’ll be a part of this bout, along with Gunther and Drew McIntyre.

Check out the tweet, below. Apparently, there are many that support this match in creative, and the idea is to have the bout towards the top of the card.

Things Change All The Time…

It’s important to note that plans change all the time in the land of the WWE. Therefore, it wouldn’t be overly shocking if the company decided to go another route.

However, it’s interesting because both Sheamus and Drew are buddies, and they were eliminated by Gunther at this year’s Royal Rumble. Could the WWE be setting up a storyline?

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