The Elite CM Punk
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On AEW Dynamite, The Elite did several things that apparently angered CM Punk. Also, Tony Khan names the future of his company & wresting.

The Elite Anger CM Punk

Following the brawl after All Out back in September, we are finally starting to get answers. With the exception of CM Punk, everybody has been brought back or fired.

Several names who were trying to stop the melee were reinstated only a few days later. The Elite (The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) and Ace Steel faced the strictest punishments.

First, we get to Steel who was, at the time, is only one released. Punk is injured and his future is still unknown, but AEW might buyout his contract.

The Elite returned at Full Gear, where they lost to Death Triangle. Those two trios are now meet in a best of seven series. 

Dynamite this week came from Chicago, which is home to Punk. So, the fans were heavily into Punk and The Elite got the opposite reaction.

During the match, The Elite took some cheap shots at Punk. And, they only made the fans angry.

How The Elite Upset CM Punk

Apparently, Punk heard or saw what happened too. His reaction, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, was far from happy.

Three points in particular were direct shots a Punk. We saw Omega bite the arm of PAC, which is what Punk’s dog did to Omega.

Punk attempted the Buckshot Lariat against “Hangman” Adam Page, but he botched it. So, Matt Jackson hit the same and purposely botched it to mock Punk.

Finally, Omega hit the GTS during the match, which is a direct shot at Punk’s finisher. 

The actions of The Elite got wrestlers talking in the back. Some think the spots were done because Punk is gone and others think he will be back; hence why they hit those moves.

Tony Khan has still not commented on the matter, which could be a sign things are not done. During Full Gear, Khan briefly mentioned Punk by praising him for what he as done for AEW.

Also, do not got forget that Punk is off the cover of AEW’s first game, which is not a good sign for the former champion. 

Tony Khan Names Future Of Wrestling

The Elite CM Punk

Source: @AEWarmachine, Twitter, Screenshot

On AEW Unrestricted, Tony Khan spoke about Wardlow. The boss calls him the best homegrown talent in AEW.

“I believe Wardlow probably, in many ways, has a good a chance to be the future of pro wrestling as anybody,” said Khan. “He’s someone we really see as a star for the future here and is a homegrown star.”

Wardlow started as the protection for MJF. That lasted awhile before a split and Wardlow squashed the now AEW World Champion.

To go along with his impressive record, Wardlow was a TNT Champion with a bunch of title defenses. He just dropped the title at Full Gear, so he needs a new program.

Word is WWE is also interested in the young prospect. 

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