Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants
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With the Royal Rumble almost here, WWE will look for some surprise entrants. Also, Kyle O’Reilly’s return from injury has hit a snag.

Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants

In about two weeks, the road to WrestleMania 39 will begin. The first stop, like always, is the Royal Rumble Match.

Several superstars have already claimed their spots in both Rumble Matches. Still, WWE will try to produce a few surprises.

Two big names that should make appearances are Edge and his wife, Beth Phoenix. Both have not been seen by fans for months.

At Extreme Rules, Finn Balor got the better of Edge in an I Quit Match. Edge only uttered the phrase after Phoenix got involved and Rhea Ripley threatened her with a conchairto.

Despite Edge caving, Ripley still connected Phoenix’s head to a pair of steel chairs. Look for the couple to seek revenge against The Judgement Day.

Edge has won Rumble twice before and one more win would make history. As for Phoenix, women only recently got their own Rumble Match.

Typically, the Women’s Rumble is usually a bit short on talent. Therefore, WWE is known to use talent from NXT or a name from the past.

Fans have not seen Doudrop for what feels like a year. Her absence has been explained as visa issues.

Since Doudrop has not been around for so long, WWE will likely ignore any previous storylines.

WWE is also is seeing if they can get Logan Paul to be part of the show. Remember, he was injured at Crown Jewel opposite Roman Reigns.

Following his latest performance, WWE is high on Logan. The guy has no experience in pro wrestling, but he transitioned very well.

There was talk of Logan taking on John Cena at WrestleMania. Those plans could change, but the potential match seems to be getting praise.

Kyle O’Reilly Healing Update

Surprise Royal Rumble Entrants

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Kyle O’Reilly was apart of the Undisputed Era in WWE. Many consider the stable the strongest in NXT and one of the better groups for the company.

Unfortunately, the four members turned on each other. Outside of Roderick Strong, the other three joined AEW.

They mostly worked with a familiar face in Adam Cole. Fish departed, but Cole and O’Reilly remain.

Cole just returned after a lengthy absence. Although, he is yet to wrestle since being cleared.

O’Reilly has been off TV since about June. He had surgery, but there seems to be some issues.


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As of now, there is no word on O’Reilly’s return.

When WWE spit the Undisputed Era up, O’Reilly became their biggest face. He feuded with Cole, before he left WWE.

Then, the NXT brand underwent major changes as many names on the roster left. O’Reilly hung around for bit, but also let his WWE contract expire.

So, that brings us to today. Half of the Undisputed Era now call AEW home.

With The Elite also back on TV, perhaps the angle with Cole now moves forward.

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