Extreme Rules Report Card
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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 is in the books, so it is time to look at the report card. There were plenty of gimmick matches and memorable spots.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Report Card: Grades Are In From Philly!

Ladder Match for RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Balair vs Bayley

Extreme Rules Report Card

Source: @WWEonFOX, Twitter, Screenshot

For the first time, a WWE Women’s Championship was decided in a Ladder Match. Heading into the match, I thought this would steal the show.

But, I was wrong as the match was simply above average. Damage Control getting involved was obvious and double KOD from Bianca Belair was not great.

The match made history and will be remember for that. I feel these two in a singles bout would have been more entertaining and hopefully it still happens. Grade: B

I Quit Match: Edge vs Finn Balor

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First, nice touch by WWE having the referee have a mic to make the superstar say the words out out-load. Considering the stipulation, you imagine the feud could be concluding, but that does not seem to be happening.

If the match showed anything, we saw the most vicious version of of Finn Balor yet. The Judgement Day, and eventually Rey Mysterio, getting involved was a no-brainer.

After seeing the blows Edge took, there has to be questions about how much longer he can go. As always, nice to see Beth Phoenix, but not the ending she wanted. Grade: B

Fight Pit Match: Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins

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Outside of NXT, the main roster has never had a Fight Pit Match. In fact, Matt Riddle walks in with more experience of the two.

Daniel Cormier being the special guest referee is leading to something big as he made his presence known. At his age, Cormier should wrestle for WWE now and probably make some nice money too.

Of all the great matches booked, the match did not compare. The match was good and the feud was heated, but it did not feel main event quality. Grade: B

Strap Match: Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross

Extreme Rules Report Card

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Typically, Strap Matches are not one of my favorite gimmicks. Although, Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross went with a more violent approach.

Personally, the match almost felt like an easy win for Kross. Basically, he dominated and outside of the ending, controlled the pace.

Now, I was not a fan of how Scarlett used what looked like mace to give Kross the win. Mace seems like a downgrade from a fireball, even if the spot was botched last time. Grade: B+

Extreme Rules Match for WWE SmackDown’s Championship: Morgan vs Ronda Rousey

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Coming into the match, Liv Morgan is the only person to hold two wins over Ronda Rousey. So, she did not have great odds in the third encounter.

Rousey never needed any weapons to win, but the same cannot be said for Morgan. Adding the Extreme Rules stipulation only helped the match.

O the three meetings, this was the best one. Rousey won, yet Morgan was a great champion; even if the reign was did not reach 100 days. Grade: B+

Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Rige Holland & Butch) vs Imperium (Gunter, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci)

Extreme Rules Report Card

Source: @WWEonFOX, Twitter, Screenshot

With or without weapons, the match was going to be an all out brawl. While the weapons were barely used, the level of stiffness was on another level of extreme.

Both teams are waking-up tomorrow feeling the pain. There were so many great spots, with focus on Sheamus and Gunther.

Since the Brawling Brutes won, I can see Sheamus getting one more Intercontinental Championship shot. Hence, what wild opener that left the ringside area trashed. Grade: A-

So, what would your WWE Extreme Rules report card look like?

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