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Ever since the beloved sitcom “Reba” went off the air back in 2007 after six seasons, fans have been clamoring for star Reba McEntire to reboot it. While the reboot has seemed to be close to happening at times, fans will be devastated to learn that McEntire has revealed in a new interview that it will probably never get made.

McEntire On ‘Reba’ Reboot

“We talked about that a lot,” McEntire, 67, told E! News of a potential reboot. “I don’t think that’s ever going to come to fruition, but maybe one of these days.”

This will be particularly sad to fans, given the fact that McEntire had gotten their hopes up last summer by saying that she was “trying hard” to make a reboot of the sitcom happen.

“We’ve really been trying hard to do a reboot of the ‘Reba’ show,” she said at the time, according to People Magazine. “I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six and a half years.”

“It was fun, the cast the crew everybody we got to work with and play with, they were wonderful people,” she added. “We wanted to get back together like a reunion and have fun, so hopefully that will happen one day.”

“Reba” was on the CW from 2001 until 2007, and it’s still beloved by fans to this day. Watch McEntire talk about wanting to reboot the sitcom in a 2020 interview below.

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McEntire Still Close With ‘Reba’ Co-Star

In her latest interview, McEntire revealed that she is still close friends with her “Reba” co-star Melissa Peterman, who she recently starred with in the upcoming Lifetime original movie “The Hammer.”

“She’s easy to break character and get me to laugh,” McEntire said of Peterman. “She’s always trying to break me and she does it a lot.”

“We love to act together, we love to hang out together,” she continued. “We rented a house and all of us we’re in the house together—my bunch and Melissa—and it was just the best. I had the most wonderful experience getting to shoot this movie.”

McEntire On Possibly Marrying Again

Even without the reboot of “Reba” happening, McEntire is still busier than ever these days, as she recently starred with her real-life boyfriend Rex Linn, who she’s been with for two years, in season three of ABC’s crime drama “Big Sky.” Though she’s madly in love with Linn, McEntire isn’t in a rush to get married anytime soon.

“We get along so well the way we are,” she admitted, adding that if Linn says, “‘I wanna get married,’ yeah that’s fine.”

“If I say I wanna get married, I’m sure he’d say that’s fine, but we get along so well right now why rock the boat?” she continued.

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McEntire’s reluctance to get married again could stem from her difficult divorce from her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock, who she was married to from 1989 until they split in 2015.

“The divorce was not my idea,” she said the year after her divorce, according to Page Six. “I didn’t want it in any shape, form or fashion. So it was really hard to make the adjustment.”

While we’re glad to see that McEntire seems to be doing well in both her personal and professional lives, we do wish that she was successful in getting a reboot of “Reba” off the ground. All we can do is hope that she’s able to find a way to make a “Reba” reboot happen in the future!

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