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Kaya Jones rose to fame in the 2000s as a singer in the iconic girl group The Pussycat Dolls. Sadly, Jones got sucked into the wild Hollywood lifestyle, and she ended up having three abortions before she found God and turned her life around. 

These abortions haunt Jones to this day, and she’s now trying to use her platform to encourage other girls to not make the same mistakes that she made.

Jones Opens Up About Her Abortions

Fox News reported that Jones, 38, admitted to having her first abortion when she was a teenager after her birth medication control failed to be effective. When she later became pregnant while she was in The Pussycat Dolls, she claims that she was told to “get rid of it.”

Jones found that since she had already had one abortion, getting another one wasn’t as difficult for her emotionally.

“At that point, because I had already gone through an abortion previously, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” she confessed.

Jones’ final abortion came after she was raped by an ex-boyfriend, and though she had wanted to keep that baby, she ultimately decided that the stress of her situation was too much to go through with the pregnancy. 

“After the first one, you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong,” she explained. “It’s been normalized and what is a line until you’ve crossed it. You don’t know what a line is. Once you cross that line, it’s a very slippery slope to continue to cross those lines.” 

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Jones Sees The Light

After this abortion, Jones was performing when she looked out into the audience and saw two little girls staring up at her. It was this moment when she realized that what she had done was horrifically wrong. 

“Nothing on me in that moment said, ‘Caution, this is a lie,'” she remembered. “There was nothing beautiful about me. I was tainted. I was destructive. I was destroyed. I was completely enchained and bonded to the devil, or the enemy, or the realm of death if you will, where I was living in my worst self.”

Though Jones understands that women can find themselves in tough situations when it comes to pregnancy, she wants them to think twice before they make the mistake that she made.

“I’ve gone through it all. I will assure you, you will regret it your whole life,” she said. “Nothing – even if I become a mother tomorrow and happily married and all is well, I’m still going to regret the three children I did not have.”

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‘There’s A Lot Of Regret’

While it’s not easy for Jones to be so open about her abortions, she feels that God is compelling her to tell her story to help others.

“It is very painful. There is a lot of anger. There’s a lot of frustration,” she said. “There’s a lot of lack of knowledge. There’s a lot of regret. And nothing can make that go away but God himself when you lay it at his feet and ask for salvation.”

As for women like herself who have already had abortions, Jones wants them to know that they too can heal and be forgiven.

“You can still be a mom, you can still fall in love, you can still be valued,” she said. “You can leave that at the foot of God.”

Abortion has become so normalized in today’s society that many young girls who get them have no idea that what they are doing will stick with them for their entire lives. There are very few celebrities who have the guts to be so open about the downside of abortion, so we applaud Jones for having the courage to publicly share her story in this way. 

God bless you, Kaya Jones. 

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