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The two daughters of Beth Chapman, the late wife of Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, have filed a lawsuit against a family friend claiming that she owes them money from a fundraiser that she allegedly set up for their mother.

Lawsuit Filed Over Beth Fundraiser

Daily Mail reported that Dog’s daughter Bonnie Chapman has teamed up with her half sister Cecily Barmore, who is from a previous marriage of Beth’s, to sue family friend Rainy Robinson. They allege that after Beth’s death, Rainy collected donations that she claimed would be given to the late reality TV star’s daughter, yet she never sent them the money and instead transferred the funds to her own bank account, according to the lawsuit. 

Bonnie and Cecily claim that Rainy began collecting the donations shortly after Beth lost her battle with throat cancer at the age of 51 back in June of 2019. They believe that she never had the intention of giving them the money that she raised, and they allege that she started trying to shut down the fundraiser as soon as she heard from their lawyers. 

Bonnie and Cecily are asking for at least $50,000 in damages, and for Rainy to be banned from using either of their names and likenesses moving forward. 

Rainy has since fired back by telling TMZ that she tried to put Bonnie and Cecily in charge of the fundraiser from the beginning, only for them to distance themselves from it with no explanation. She also claims that her heart was in the right place with the fundraiser, alleging that it has been used to do positive things like launch a scholarship and victim fund for people whose relatives have been murdered.

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Dog Takes Rainy’s Side

In a twist that will come as a surprise to some, Dog has taken Rainy’s side over that of his daughter and her half sister.

“This is a bogus claim,” said Dog, 69. “The memorial fund was approved by Beth’s estate, which I administrate. The lawsuit against the fund’s founder is nothing more than harassment.”

Those who are fans of Dog and his family, however, will know that Dog has been estranged from both Bonnie and Cecily in the years since Beth passed away. In 2021, the girls both claimed that they were cut out of Dog’s life after their mom passed away. 

“I’m disappointed in you, and my mom would be, too, and you know it,” Bonnie told Inside Edition at the time as she addressed Dog directly.

“When my mom passed away, my dad pretty much neglected us,” Cecily added. “He lost his wife. I lost my mother. I lost my life. I lost my house. I lost my job. I lost everything. We lost everything.”

Dog Accused Of Cheating

Not stopping there, the half sisters accused Dog of cheating on their mother many times over the years.

“My mom confided in me,” Bonnie said. “My mom confided in us. She loves my father with all of her heart and she wanted him to change. We wanted him to change.”

This is clearly a very messy situation for everyone involved, and one can’t help but think that Beth would not like to see the chaos that has unfolded within her family since her passing. Here’s hoping that this lawsuit can be resolved in a way that does not cause any further rifts within the Chapman family. 

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