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Many fans of Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman are proud conservatives who love America and law enforcement. That’s why it will undoubtedly come as a disappointment to many of them that Bonnie Chapman, the daughter of Dog and his late wife Beth, has signed on to star in a leftwing social justice reality show.

This news reportedly did not sit well with Dog, who has since had a falling out with her over her politics, according to Bonnie. 

Bonnie Signs On To ‘Woke’ Reality Show 

The Daily Beast reported that Bonnie, 22, has signed on to become the newest cast member of the reality show “The System,” which can be seen on Unleashed Entertainment’s streaming service TVUnleashed.

The show follows a group of young people as they become activists who work to “eradicate the failings of America’s criminal justice system.”


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“I decided, I have a voice and it shouldn’t be muted,” Bonnie said, referring to her journey to becoming “woke.”

She continued, “I have to use it especially when there is such injustice. I’ve always been kind of a scaredy cat, honestly. I thought it was time to stop living my life in fear of what other people say.”

Bonnie, who identifies as pansexual, claimed that much of her fear comes from knowing that most of her parents’ fanbase is conservative.

“I was very scared of the reactions from those who have seen me growing up and further reactions to how I have grown up,” she explained. “I think that people expect me to believe what they believe. I am my own person and I make my own decisions about my groups, my politics.”

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Bonnie’s Fallout With Dog

Bonnie went on to claim that her relationship with her father went south after she joined “The System.”

She said she hasn’t spoken to him since she told him she was joining the show. Their estrangement over this is so serious that Bonnie feels that they may never speak again. 

When asked what her relationship with her father is like, Bonnie simply said it’s “ok.” 

“We don’t talk very often,” Bonnie admitted.

Bonnie made it clear that she is trying to separate herself from her conservative father as much as possible. It’s likely to impress her new liberal comrades.

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Bonnie Tries To Distance Herself From Dog

“My father’s actions are his own, and my actions are my own,” she said. “Just because he is my father, that does not mean that I have his views, that does not mean that I have this path.”

Bonnie Chapman had this to say about joining The System’s cast, “I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing cast. Everyone around me is wonderful and filled with such determination. For the longest time, I was living in a shadow of someone else. For the first time, I’m making a name for myself.”

Conservative fans are the people who gave the Chapman family their success, and therefore gave Bonnie the life of privilege that she has enjoyed since she was a child.

It’s sad that she’s so quick to not only throw these fans under the bus. And, her own father as well. 

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