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The conservative Christian Hollywood star Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” fame has found herself under attack once again this week, this time from the former “Who’s The Boss?” child star Danny Pintauro after what he described as a “horrifying” 2015 interview she did with him about his HIV status resurfaced.

Pintauro Slams Cameron Bure

Daily Mail reported that Pintauro, 47, revealed to the world that he was HIV positive in a 2015 interview with Oprah Winfrey, explaining that he contracted the virus 12 years before in 2003. After his interview with Oprah, Pintauro went on “The View” to raise awareness about HIV, and he was interviewed by co-hosts Cameron Bure, 46, and Raven-Symoné, 37, on the ABC talk show.

While appearing on David Yontef’s Behind The Velvet Rope podcast this week, Pintauro described the latter interview as “one of the lowest moments of his life,” blaming Cameron Bure for asking if “he took responsibility for his promiscuous behavior” due to his history of drug use.

“She basically said, ‘do you take responsibility for getting HIV because you were living a promiscuous lifestyle?'” Pintauro recalled. “And turned on the spot to my husband and said ‘do you have unprotected sex with your husband?'”

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Cameron Bure’s Interview With Pintauro

During the 2015 interview, Cameron Bure asked Pintauro, “I want to know, do you … do you take responsibility for your actions, for being promiscuous, going into a lifestyle of having heightened sex because of the meth that you were using?”

It was actually Raven-Symoné who asked about his sex life with his husband, asking them, “You guys have been together for three and a half years, do you have protected or unprotected sex?”

Check out the interview for yourself starting at the 24:34 mark in the video below.

‘It Was Horrifying’

“I mean it was horrifying,” Pintauro continued. “It was one of the lowest moments of the journey I had after coming out to Oprah. And so it’s not surprising to me that she’s taking this stance with Christmas movies that she’s gonna be involved in.”

Pintauro appears to be referring to Cameron Bure saying back in November that her new network Great American Family will “keep traditional marriage at its core” with the content it produces. 

“I was disappointed in the way she treated me when I was on ‘The View,'” Pintauro stated. “Have you seen that interview? You need to go watch it. You will walk away from it feeling very angry.”

“She must have tons of people in her life that are LGBTQ+, at least from her past,” he added. “And how she got to this place is just a little concerning to me. It’s almost like she went backward in a way.”

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Pintauro Brings Up Kirk Cameron

Not stopping there, Pintauro went on to bring up Cameron Bure’s conservative Christian brother, the former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron.

“I don’t know enough about her backstory to know but her brother has become ultra-extreme,” he said. “Has he worn off on her? So, I don’t know, it’s just disappointing either way, that’s for sure.”

Despite complaining publicly about the interview now, Pintauro admitted that he’s never even let Cameron Bure know that he was bothered by her line of questioning. 

“Because I consciously chose to not make it a thing,” he said. “I’m happy to talk about it now because years have passed and I’ve moved on from being that HIV spokesperson sort of position.”

Check out Pintauro’s full comments on this in the video below.

As one of the few conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, Cameron Bure has found herself being targeted by the left more than ever as of late. It remains to be seen whether or not she’ll respond to this latest attack on her character. 

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