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Whoopi Goldberg is typically known for being a “woke” darling of the left, which is why it came as a surprise on Wednesday morning when she defied politically correct-obsessed liberals to say that the classic 1974 Mel Brooks comedy Blazing Saddles is not racist.

Goldberg Defends Blazing Saddles

Daily Mail reported that it all started when Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts on “The View” were discussing recent comments made by Mindy Kaling, who. said that her comedic show “The Office” couldn’t be made today because it would offend audiences. Goldberg then shifted the conversation to recent backlash that Blazing Saddles has gotten from “woke” leftists who have declared it to be racist.

Blazing Saddles, because it’s a great comedy, would still go over today – there are a lot of comedies that are not good, okay?” Goldberg said. “We’re just going to say that – that’s not one of them. Blazing Saddles is one of the greatest because it hits everybody.”

Blazing Saddles, which starred Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, and Harvey Norman, tells the story of a corrupt politician who appoints a Black sheriff in a village back in 1874. While the movie is hilarious, a debate has ensued on Twitter over whether or not it should be “cancelled” for racism. 

“‘If you’ve never seen Blazing Saddles, you should do yourself a favor, get some popcorn, get a glass of wine, and put it on, because it’s magnificent,” Goldberg continued. 

“Leave my Blazing Saddles alone – don’t make me come for you!” she declared. 

Check out Goldberg’s full comments on this in the video below.

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‘The View’ Co-Hosts Chime In 

Goldberg’s co-host Sara Haines agreed that “laughing is literally the ultimate medicine for life and all that it brings,” adding that comedy should have a “sacred space” for people to be funny and push boundaries.

“If we cannot leave comedians alone, if they stop pushing the boundaries, they’re going to step in it and they’re going to step over it,” she said, according to Deadline. “And it’s OK to have those conversations when that happens but that is one area where you need to leave it alone because they’re equal opportunity offenders and we’re all going to be on the receiving end.”

Joy Behar chimed in to bring up what she described as the “bigotry” of Archie Bunker in the 1970s sitcom “All In The Family.”

“You take away Archie’s bigotry, you don’t have a character,” she said. “That’s who he was, and that’s the way you’re supposed to look at people. If everybody was perfectly wonderful… and appropriate, then you’d never learn about these other people who exist out there.”

“That’s the purpose of art: To expose you to all aspects of human beings,” Behar added. “Why would you want to take away the beauty of watching Archie Bunker make a fool of himself?”

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Kaling’s Comments 

This came after Kaling said that “The Office,” which was on television from 2005 until 2013, could never be made in today’s cancel culture climate. 

“Tastes have changed, and honestly what offends people has changed so much now,” she said. “I think that actually is one of the reasons the show is popular, because people feel like there’s something kind of fearless about it or taboo that it talks about on the show … most of the characters on that show would be canceled by now.”

It says a lot that cancel culture has gone so far that even Goldberg and the other liberal women on “The View” are saying that enough is enough. It’s rare that we ever agree with Goldberg on anything, but when it comes to Blazing Saddles, we can’t deny that she’s spot on!

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