William Regal WWE Return
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William Regal will make his WWE return, but there are lots of details about what to expect. Also, are AEW PPVs being moved to the afternoon?

William Regal – WWE Return Details

WWE was releasing talent and office works in large waves during the hight of the pandemic. Honestly, the decision left many disgusted as WWE’s big shots made even more money. 

Some releases were not a major shock, but others certainly where. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman were shockingly let go, yet they have since returned.

Now, William Regal is the latest talent to make a WWE return. Regal asked Tony Khan not to renew his AEW contract at the end of the year.

Khan agreed and Regal could likely sign with WWE as early as January 1. 

During the ROH Final Battle media call, Khan discussed new details about Regal leaving. He noted how Regal mentioned in October that he wanted out.

Even though Regal is returning to WWE, Khan said he cannot appear on TV for at least year. Although, he is free to work backstage.

Kahn continued how he has lots of respect for Regal. He said Regal wants to head back to WWE, so he can train his son.

Regal’s son recently returned to TV on NXT. So far, he is doing well and you can see some of his father’s skills transitioned well.

Regal joined AEW and quickly put together the Blackpool Combat Club. Then, he turned heel at Full Gear by costing Jon Moxley the AEW World Championship to MJF.

Only days later, MJF turned and Regal, hitting him with brass knuckles behind the head. The angle was done to write Regal out of the company.

AEW PPVs In The Afternoon

William Regal WWE Return

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A common complaint about WWE and AEW pay per views is the length. Although, WWE has gotten much over the past few years.

Unlike WWE, who run around 12 pay per views a year, AEW only does four. So, those cards are stacked with around 12 matches.

Of course, that has seen some AEW shows run to around midnight or later. That is late, especially for those watching on the east coast.

Tony Khan has such a stacked roster between AEW and ROH, that he books too many on pay per views. 

All that could change. Tony Khan mentioned during the ROH Final Battle media scrum about afternoon pay per views.

For those unaware, ROH Final Battle will air in the afternoon. That is because there is lots of competition later in the day, especially from college football.

It would be nice to have the show end and it still be daylight. Plus, it would let fans see the post-show media scrum in the evening instead of after midnight.

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