Reba McEntire Reveals How She Stays Healthy On Tour At 67

Reba McEntire is opening up about how she stays healthy while on tour as a 67 year-old country music legend.

The country music star Reba McEntire spent much of 2022 on tour, and while it’s difficult for performers of any age to stay healthy in those conditions, it’s especially hard for someone who is pushing 70. In a new interview, McEntire revealed some ways that she and her actor boyfriend Rex Linn stay healthy while touring.

McEntire’s Advice For Staying Healthy On Tour

McEntire’s main piece of advice for staying healthy is to keep moving.

“I like to go on walks with my friends and family, and Rex and I take our French bulldog, Riddler, out for a walk to keep us motivated,” she said, according to Yahoo News. “At our age, we’ve got to keep moving.”

“Mama always said, ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it,'” the 67 year-old singer added. “And that’s with your voice, that’s with your muscles. Arthritis is a big thing in my age group, so I keep moving. It’s important.” 

Eating healthy is another thing that McEntire has focused on as she ages.

“Ginger is good for everything!” she said. “We do a lot of smoothies with ginger, protein powder, vitamins, carrots, and beets. The benefit is quick: You don’t have to wait for a pill that’s in your stomach to dissolve. Smoothies absorb quickly and leave me feeling great.”

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McEntire Loves Helping Others

Helping others is also something that McEntire has found to be good for her mental health.

“If there’s an electric bill I can pay or if I can step in where a family needs help, that’s what I’ll do,” she explained. “It brings me so much joy!”

In the lead-up to Christmas, McEntire was excited to get some relaxation time at home with Linn after such a busy year.

“We’re living in Albuquerque right now, where we did a traditional Mexican Thanksgiving — it was so fun that we plan to carry it on into our Christmas festivities,” she said earlier this month. “We also used to go to our local post office, ask them for any letters that were sent to Santa, and fulfill those wishes. We hope to start doing that again this year — it is just so rewarding!”

“I’m looking forward to helping poor old Santa Claus out because I know he’s busy,” McEntire added, making it clear that she was always planning to give back over Christmas.

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McEntire Looks To 2023

As she goes into 2023, McEntire is focusing on her new line of clothing, appropriately called “Reba,” which is sold exclusively at Dillard’s

“There’s a lot of long sweaters and dresses in a great color palette and we’ve got bling in everything,” she gushed. “We’ve kept it fancy but comfortable — we’ve even got velour pants with elastic waists and big, comfortable, cozy sweaters that have sequins. When you’re eating a lot around Christmas, you got room to grow — it’s a beautiful lineup!”

On top of that, McEntire also has a line with Justin Boots. 

“We’re looking forward to the new boots because they’re going to be super sparkly,” she concluded. 

McEntire has been one of the busiest women in the entertainment world for decades, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. If anyone would have good advice on how to stay health amidst the craziness of life, it’s Reba McEntire! 

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