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The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is speaking out to blast Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for their Netflix docuseries “Harry + Meghan,” which premiered last Thursday. Kelly slammed the docuseries as being “insufferable,” also saying that Harry needs a “real psychotherapist” instead of a “whiny, woke annoying wife” like Meghan.

Kelly Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that Kelly began her scathing review of the docuseries by describing it as “three hours I’ll never get back,” adding that it was “uninspiring” and an “interminable waste of time.”

“Believe it or not this couple is still complaining,” Kelly said. “From the Montecito mansion, with two beautiful, perfectly healthy children, a little chicken coop and flower garden out back, matching Ugg’s for Meghan and her toddler, all royal titles still in tact complete with matching stationary, and nearly 200 million dollars in the bank thanks to their insatiable desire to ‘finally tell their story.”

“Like to Oprah. And on Spotify. And to NY Magazine. And in a memoir. And … well you get the point,” she continued. 

Kelly went on to talk about the “emotional baggage Harry’s still carrying” from the death of his mother Princess Diana, who was killed in a car crash back in 1997 at the age of 36.

“It’s big!” Kelly declared of this baggage. “Good gracious is this man insecure…he clearly hasn’t worked out the trauma of his mother’s premature death. Time and time again I said to myself, ‘this guy needed therapy!'”

“A real psychotherapist. That’s what he needed. Not a whiny, woke annoying wife,” she added.

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Kelly Takes Aim At Meghan

Not stopping there, Kelly zeroed in on Meghan’s false claims that she doesn’t have a father, even though her father Thomas is very much alive. Meghan is believed to have not spoken to her father since before her wedding to Harry in May of 2018. 

“She doesn’t have a dad? What a farce. She does have a dad. He raised her and loved her and paid for her college and never asked for any of this attention,” Kelly said. “He screwed up in dealing with the paparazzi – staging photos of himself getting ready for her wedding reportedly in exchange for money. Not good but was it really unforgivable?”

“One mistake after a lifetime of loving and supporting her?” she continued. “You know who doesn’t have a dad? Me, and millions of others out there who would kill to have just one more Christmas with them.”

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Meghan And Harry Hit With Backlash

It should come as no surprise that Meghan and Harry used much of their docuseries to bash the royal family, with Meghan at one point disrespecting the late Queen Elizabeth by saying that she thought Harry was “joking” when he told her that she’d have to bow to the longest serving monarch in British history. 

Meghan went on to describe her first meal with the Queen at Windsor Castle as being like “Medieval Times, Dinner and Tournament,” adding that it was a “shock to the system.”

Kelly is far from the only person to take issue with Meghan and Harry’s docuseries:

The second half of Meghan and Harry’s docuseries is set to drop on Thursday. We can only imagine what Kelly will say about it next, as they are sure to use it to both play the victim and bash the royal family even more. 

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