Piers Morgan Torches Meghan Markle And Prince Harry For Their Netflix Docuseries – ‘Frankly Disgraceful’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Netflix docuseries drops this week, and Piers Morgan is not happy about it.

The British television personality Piers Morgan is speaking out to slam Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over their Netflix docuseries, which is set to come out on Thursday. 

Check out a trailer for “Harry & Meghan” below. 

Morgan Sounds Off

“You may remember in the Oprah Winfrey whine-a-thon, about 17 different things that came out of their mouths were quickly proven to be untrue,” Morgan told Fox News. “And we’re at it again with a Netflix documentary.” 

Morgan went on to slam the documentary for comparing Meghan to Princess Diana and the intense media scrutiny she faced. 

“She (Princess Diana) had ten times the paparazzi attention that Meghan Markle has ever had, her attempt to put herself on the same pedestal as the most famous and pursued royal in history, I think is frankly disgraceful,” he said.

The documentary features paparazzi footage that is actually from a Harry Potter movie premiere, not from Meghan and Harry being hounded.

Not stopping there, Morgan proceeded to call out Meghan and Harry for their hypocrisy as they “ruthlessly exploit” their royal titles for “hundreds of millions of dollars.” 

“The idea that they are somehow victims when all they’re doing is making so much money from abusing and attacking their families, both sides, their families, I think, is reprehensible,” he said.

The trailer for the documentary features tons of whining, with one commentator saying, “It’s about hatred, it’s about race.”

“The pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy,” Harry said at one point in the trailer. “I was terrified. I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”

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Morgan Disgusted By Docuseries Trailer

Morgan previously said that he was disgusted when he saw the first trailer for Harry and Meghan’s docuseries. 

“It was so ghastly, so repugnant, so dripping in sanctimony and fake hammy ‘woe-is-us’ acting, that I felt my intestines physically recoil in abject disgust,” he told The Sun.

Morgan then slammed Meghan and Harry for “trashing” their family, adding that they’ve been “bleating constantly about privacy” yet then filmed a reality show.

“It’s obvious what this series will be attempting to do: paint this pair of shameful millionaire grifters as poor little victims horribly abused by the beastly Royals and the vile media,” he continued.

“They’re an absolute disgrace and as I’ve said many times, King Charles should strip them of all remaining titles and cast them out from any more connection to the Royal Family – before they destroy it and bring down the Monarchy,” Morgan concluded.

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Megyn Kelly Weighs In

Morgan isn’t the only media personality calling out this couple for their docuseries, as Megyn Kelly blasted Meghan for crying in the trailer. 

“I have never taken a photo of myself crying and certainly never released it to the public saying ‘please feel sorry for me,'” Kelly said. 

“I don’t understand that mentality and that is what they’ve done in this trailer … Who does this?” she added. “They want people to feel sorry for them, which is the most unattractive piece of this couple.”

Check out Kelly’s full comments on this in the video below.

“Harry & Meghan” is set to drop on Netflix on Thursday, and we can only imagine how damaging it will be to the royal family. There’s nothing Harry and Meghan love more than playing the victim, so we can expect them to do just that with this docuseries. 

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