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On Wednesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” Joy Behar outrageously claimed that Herschel Walker was “relieved” to lose the senatorial election in Georgia after he conceded to Rev. Raphael Warnock the night before.

Behar Disrespects Walker

Unsurprisingly, Behar made this all about race and Donald Trump when she claimed that “white guys,” including the former president, were “using” Walker. 

“I felt like he was relieved in a way,” Behar said, according to Yahoo News. “It’s like, somewhere in this guy’s head, he must be thinking these white guys, you know, Lindsey, and the other one, are like, pushing him around. Trump telling — they’re using him. I think he knew it. And he looked relieved, almost, to me.”

Behar, 80, proceeded to be even more condescending to Walker when she praised his concession speech by saying there was “no mention of werewolves or vampires. He was right on it!” 

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Walker Concedes

This came the morning after Walker conceded, telling those who supported him that he was not going to make “excuses.”

“But one of the things I want to tell you is you never stop dreaming,” Walker said, according to Fox News. “I don’t want any of you to stop dreaming.”

“I don’t want any you to stop believing in America,” he continued. “I want you to believe in America and continue to believe in the Constitution and believe in our elected officials. Most of all, continue to pray for them.” 

‘The View’ Hosts Mock Walker And His Supporters

Despite giving Walker some credit for his classy concession speech, Behar’s fellow co-hosts of “The View” spent much of their show mocking him and the 1.7 million people who voted for him. 

“Who are these 1.7 million people?” co-host Sunny Hostin asked, with Whoopi Goldberg saying that “they were people that ‘wanted to win.'”

“That’s what’s terrible,” she added.

Hostin proceeded to whine that Republicans found the most “unqualified” and “undignified” Black man to run in this race. 

“The Republicans are always arguing about identity politics and how Democrats use too much identity politics, and we talk too much about race and we talk too much about the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s not about identity politics,” she said.

“They made that race about identity politics. They tried to find a black man because there was another black man running,” Hostin concluded. “That’s an insult to me as a black woman. How dare you think that that is okay?”

Check out previous comments that Hostin has made about Walker below. 

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Hostin’s Previous Comments On Black Republicans

You might remember Hostin as the woman who said that being a black Republican is an “oxymoron.” 

“I feel like it’s an oxymoron, a Black Republican,” she said on “The View” back in May.

It’s easy to see why Hostin and Behar are two peas in a pod on “The View,” as they are both shameless liberals who love to weaponize race in order to spout their radically leftwing views.

There’s nobody they hate more than a black Republican like Walker because they don’t want minorities to think for themselves about politics. Instead, they want them to all get in line and “vote blue no matter who.”

In the end, race-baiting liberals like Behar and Hostin are the true racists.