Joy Behar Snaps On ‘The View’ When Asked About Her Personal Life – ‘We Don’t Have Time!’

Joy Behar snapped on "The View" again this week, this time when her co-host Sara Haines grilled her about her personal life.

The ABC talk show “The View” went off the rails once again on Wednesday morning when Joy Behar snapped at her co-host Sara Haines for grilling her about her personal life.

‘The View’ Derails Once Again

The Sun reported that things got awkward on “The View” during a segment in which the co-hosts talked about loneliness in marriage. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg kicked things off by reading out some new statistics that suggest that married women are feeling lonelier than single people these days. 

“There you are in the marriage and you look at him in his Archie Bunker chair and you’re lonely because he’s not there for you,” Goldberg said. “Some marriages don’t work.”

Behar, 80, was quick to agree with her. 

“There you are in the marriage and you look at him in his Archie Bunker chair and you’re lonely because he’s not there for you,” she said. “Some marriages don’t work.”

“Why don’t you go sit in his lap on that chair?” Goldberg said with a sly grin, with co-host Sunny Hostin chiming in to say, “It works! It works.”

“I don’t know, you might not want to sit on his lap,” Behar replied.

“Oh, this Archie Bunker guy?” Hostin asked, to which a visibly uncomfortable Behar said, “Yeah, I’m saying. I said it already, you get lonely.”

Behar Snaps

That’s when Haines asked if the hypothetical person Behar was talking about was similar to the character Al Bundy from the sitcom “Married With Children.”

“Is it Al Bundy-ish?” she asked.

This was enough to make Behar snap. 

“Look it, I don’t know!” Behar exclaimed, before looking to producers to say, “We’ll have to discuss this later, we don’t have time.”

Goldberg tried to defuse the tension by saying with a laugh, “We just wanted to see how far Joy was going to go with it.”

Behar, however, was not having any of it.

“Don’t ask me for my personal stories, that’s all I ask,” she said. 

Check out this full segment in the video below.

Behar’s Romantic History

Behar has been married twice, with her first marriage being to Joseph Behar, who she was with from 1965 until they divorced in 1981. Though she’s only been married to her current husband Steve Janowitz since 2011, they dated for nearly 30 years prior to that.

Back in 2020, Behar revealed that she met Janowitz at a semi-nudist colony, and that he was naked when she first saw him.

“I don’t know if you know this about me, but I met my husband at a semi-nudist colony. It’s true,” she said on “The View.” 

“Yeah, she did, and they hooked up immediately,” Meghan McCain, who was co-hosting the ABC talk show at the time, chimed in to add. 

Behar went on to say that though Janowitz was nude, she was not (thank goodness) “because for a man to see [her] naked, [she has] to be in his will.”

“He was all the way on the other side of this place — and it was like an adult place,” she continued. “He was far away naked. And then at night, there was a movie playing, and then I saw him fully dressed.”

“But I remembered him from the daytime. It’s true,” Behar concluded. “People wonder about that. I tell that story, and people are like, ‘Joy, really? That twitching, crazy woman on The View?’ Yeah.”

“The View” has been going off the rails more than ever lately, and the latest segment on loneliness in marriage just serves as more evidence of that. If only ABC executives could realize that their show would likely be better off without Behar on it!

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