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The Hollywood star Candace Cameron Bure is praising the lord after her brother Kirk Cameron’s reading of his Christian children’s book drew over 2,500 people at the Indianapolis Public Library.

Kirk Sees Huge Turnout For Library Event

Fox News reported that after originally being denied or ignored by over 50 public libraries across the country, Kirk was met by the biggest crowd that the Indianapolis Public Library in Indiana had seen in 137 years when he appeared there on Thursday to read and discuss his book “As You Grow.”

“Find great books … read them to your kids,” Kirk told the crowd at Thursday’s event. 

The turnout was so large that Kirk had to use the loudspeaker to address the crowd at one point. 

“You guys!” he said. “They’re gonna let me speak over the loudspeaker, the PA, because there’s about 1,000 people in the library on other floors that haven’t gotten up here, so I’m gonna be talking to everybody in just a few minutes, and I just wanna thank them for coming and thank you for coming and making this such a special event today!”

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Kirk Celebrates 

Afterwards, Kirk took to Instagram to celebrate the success of this event. 

“This is a message to every library in the United States: In 137 years of the Indianapolis Public Library’s history, NEVER ONCE have they had over 2,500 people show up to a single event. UNTIL TODAY,” Kirk and his publisher Brave Books wrote on Instagram. 

“After being refused or ignored by over 50 libraries to read the new children’s book ‘As You Grow,’ Indianapolis Library allowed us to come host a story hour. Needless to say, we showed up with a few friends!” he added. “No longer will Christians be silent. No longer will we be shut away. We will be here, we will stand strong & we will show the world how many of us there really are!”

“Thank you to everyone who gave up their morning to join us! This movement is beginning!” Kirk concluded. “Host your own Brave Books Story Hour Today!”

Candace was quick to comment on her brother’s post, writing, “Praise the Lord ??. Christians showing up.”


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What’s Next For Kirk

Kirk will next head to the public library in Scarsdale, New York, which originally said it was not interested in hosting the Christian former “Growing Pains” star. Thankfully, Kirk and Brave Books were eventually able to book a room there.

“One of the things I love about our country is its commitment to the sharing of knowledge and the free expression of ideas,” Kirk previously said. “That is why I’m excited to bring Brave Books Story Hour to public libraries across the country.”

“Unfortunately, though many of these libraries gladly hosted the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ several have refused to let me read about biblical wisdom from my new children’s book, ‘As You Grow,'” he continued. 

It’s sad that we live in a time where drag queen story hours are all the rage, but libraries are not allowing Christian children’s book readings to be held in their facilities. Kirk and Candace have long been two of the openly Christian conservative stars in Hollywood, and we applaud them for continuing to fight this good fight! 

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