Candace Cameron Bure Eager To Star In Christmas Movie With Her Brother Kirk

The Hollywood star Candace Cameron Bure wants to star in a Christmas movie with her real-life older brother Kirk Cameron.

The former “Full House” star Candace Cameron Bure and her older brother Kirk Cameron of “Growing Pains” fame have long been known as two of the only openly conservative Christian stars in Hollywood. That’s why their fans will be happy to learn that Candace is eager to finally star in a Christmas movie with her brother! 

Kirk Was Supposed To Star In Christmas Movie With Candace

While appearing on her brother’s show Takeaways with Kirk Cameron, Candace revealed that her new Great American Family Christmas movie “A Christmas … Present” was actually written with Kirk in mind to portray her on-screen brother.

Unfortunately, Kirk was too busy to actually sign on for the project, according to Christian Headlines

“It was written for you and me,” Candace told Kirk in a new interview. “And somebody bailed on me.”

In the movie, Candace plays a married woman who reaches out to her brother, who was meant to be played by Kirk, over the Christmas season after he loses his wife. 

“And then I got a phone call [from Kirk saying,] ‘Can, I’ve got too much going on. I can’t do it,'” Candace said, with Kirk saying that he had been “looking forward to it.”

“And I feel terrible about it,” he continued. “And I felt like there was nothing I could do.”

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Paul Fitzgerald Cast In Kirk’s Role

In the end, Paul Fitzgerald was cast as Candace’s brother in the film.

“You found someone better,” Kirk joked, with Candace replying by saying, “I’m very grateful that I got to know him and meet him because we connected, and I feel like he’s a friend for life.”

This has all just made Candace even more eager to star in a Christmas movie with her brother for the first time.

“We’ll see if I write another one for you and me,” she said. 

“I’ll try to schedule a little time next year in my schedule, and maybe we can make this work again,” Kirk responded. 

Candace Loves Making Christmas Movies

Candace signed with Great American Family earlier this year, and “A Christmas … Present” is one of 18 original Christmas movies that the network is releasing this year. She told her brother that making Christmas movies is something that is important to her because she sees it as a means to talk about the gospel with non-believers.

“It is the easiest and most perfect time to actually share the gospel message and share God and Jesus with people,” she said. “So I love that God has given me a platform – a talent and an ability – that I get to make these fun Christmas movies.”

“People love watching them, but it lends itself to such an easy conversation to talk about the real true meaning of Christmas,” Candace concluded. “And so it’s just like this open door.”

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Candace’s ‘Traditional Marriage’ Controversy

This unfortunately comes during a difficult time for Candace, as she’s spent the last few weeks being attacked by leftists for saying that Great American Family “will keep traditional marriage at the core,” according to NBC News.

Despite receiving tons of backlash for her comments, Candace has refused to back down, instead responding by describing herself as a “devoted Christian” who has “great love and affection for all people.”

Candace and Kirk are two of the only positive examples that Christians can look to in Hollywood, so we applaud each of them for continuing to stay strong in their faith. Here’s hoping we get to see them together onscreen in a Christmas movie at some point in the future! 

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