Bray Wyatt AJ Styles
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In a short time, Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles both suffered injures. Also, Matt Hardy has doubts Jeff Hardy will return to AEW.

Bray Wyatt & AJ Styles Injured

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the conclusion of Extreme Rules. Everything considered, his return was one of the better ones produced by WWE.

Since then, he is yet to wrestle any matches on TV. He has been working a program with LA Knight, but their match keeps getting postponed.

Well, Wyatt is finally getting back inside the ring; at least for live events. So far, he has been easily defeating Jinder Mahal.

At the recent live event from Miami, Wyatt suffered a small injury in his fourth match with Mahal. The popular superstar told fans after the match he broke a finger.

Injuries did plague Wyatt frequently during his first run with WWE. Hopefully, his body can handle the bumps a bit more this time around.

Also, it is only a broken finger. People wrestle with way worse injuries. Therefore, Wyatt should be back on SmackDown to continue his LA Knight feud.

More WWE Superstars Hurt

Bray Wyatt AJ Styles

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Speaking of injuries, AJ Styles suffered one during a live event in Hershey, Pennsylvania. PWInsider confirmed the injury is legit and it is believed he damaged his ankle.

The accident took place with The O.C. (Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) against The Judgment Day (Finn Balor, Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio). The match was stopped after the referee put up the dreaded ‘X’ sign.

As of now, WWE has not confirmed the injury. Also, nobody from The O.C. has made any public comments.

With WrestleMania 39 not far away, WWE does not want Styles to miss the show. Hopefully, the injury is not too serious.

Stay tuned for updated on Wyatt and Styles.

Doubt Jeff Hardy Returns To AEW

Bray Wyatt AJ Styles

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Jeff Hardy is known for his demons. They cost him millions of dollars, jobs and he even went to prison.

After strange behavior, WWE let Jeff go and he joined AEW with his brother, Matt Hardy. Together, The Hardys planned one final tag team run.

Although, Jeff got his third DUI over the summer and remains suspended while awaiting trail. While on Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt thinks Jeff’s days in AEW could be numbered. 

“Just very unfortunate, things that happened with Jeff,” said Matt. “Hopefully it is something that he is going to make into a positive and he’s going to turn everything around in his life and he can come back and be better and we’ll see.” 

“I don’t know. Maybe he comes back, maybe he doesn’t.”

Before the suspension, AEW was building towards The Hardys against The Young Bucks. For now, all we can hope is Jeff gets the help he needs.

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