Bryan Danielson Health Update
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When will Bryan Danielson return to AEW in-ring action? Dave Meltzer recently offers a health update on the superstar during the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast.

Bryan Danielson Health Update

According to Meltzer, Danielson is not expected to return to action, anytime soon. He also notes that while Bryan is recovering from a concussion, Tony Khan is being very cautious when it comes to this high-level AEW star.

Due to his history of concussions, Tony recently states that he “shut down” and pulled Danielson from the Forbidden Door pay-per-view (PPV). This is despite Bryan’s insistence to perform at the event.

Khan recently tells the New York Post that Danielson getting hurt is one of the “worst things”. But, he also notes that Bryan is “doing much better.

During the interview, Khan also states that he talks to the superstar a few times a week. As Tony notes, Bryan “feels great” and he’s ready to come back.

Bryan Danielson Health Update – More News

With that said, Tony also states he talked to him about eight days prior to the PPV, and it seemed like he wasn’t doing so well. Khan dropped the hammer, announcing that Danielson was not wrestling at the event.

Tony states that if he doesn’t feel good eight days out, then he’s shutting him down until further notice. He has scans coming up, but Khan doesn’t care “what they say”.

Seems like Tony is being cautious when it comes to Danielson and his health. He’s a major AEW talent, so no one can blame Khan for ensuring the American Dragon is in top-notch shape before returning to the ring.

Speaking of AEW news, the promotion held the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament earlier in 2022, with it finishing up in May at the Double or Nothing event. WWE star Nattie recently revealed her thoughts on the tourney.

Natalya On AEW’s Owen Hart Tribute

During an appearance on BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani Meets, Natalya talks about seeing Martha Hart, her uncle Owen’s wife, on AEW. According to Nattie, she believes Martha did a “beautiful” job.

Bryan Danielson Health Update

Source: @theowenhartfan, Twitter, Screenshot

The former women’s champion also notes that Mrs. Hart “carried” herself well, and was very “poised”. When asked about the tourney, Natalya states that she “appreciates” AEW honoring her uncle.

Martha Hart & The WWE

Nattie also notes she understands why Martha Hart didn’t want to do anything with the WWE. Sadly, Owen passed away during WWE’s Over The Edge PPV in 1999.

His wife settled a wrongful death suit with the company for about $18 million. Most of the money went into the Owen Hart Foundation.

For years now, Martha has refused to let the WWE induct her husband Owen into their Hall of Fame. Therefore, it was nice that AEW was able to honor Hart and his wrestling legacy with a tournament in 2022.

Martha Hart presented the trophies to winners Dr. Britt Baker and Adam Cole after all was said and done. While it may be hard for Nattie to comment on another promotion’s event, it’s understandable that she would have nothing but good things to say.