update hangman adam page
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After suffering a really scary concussion during AEW Dynamite, we have an update on Hangman Adam Page. And with Crown Jewel this Saturday, WWE is now watching some concerning global events.

Update On Hangman Adam Page

It wasn’t that long ago that fans watched him stretchered out after a scary incident, but now we have an encouraging update on Hangman Adam Page.

Tony Khan recently spoke with First Coast News, and the topic of Page came up.

Khan said that, all things considered, Page is doing really well.

Given how scary things looked, that is great to hear.

As the AEW owner elaborated, not long after being knocked out, Adam Page was alert and smiling.

He may have been knocked out with a concussion, but it didn’t break his spirit or change his personality.

Given that the company has seen a number of stars go down to injury, or be taken off due to other reasons…they can ill afford to be without Hangman Adam Page too long.

That said, of course, his short and long term health is far more important.

update hangman adam page

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Khan didn’t provide an update on when we might see Adam Page back in an AEW ring.

Wrestling fans know all too well that each concussion is different. Some take longer to recover from than others.

Look at Adam Cole for a recent example. Bryan Danielson is another performer who is no stranger to the lingering issues from a concussion or three.

For now, fans can just hope he is well on his way to recovery.

WWE Watching Global Events

There is a big international premium live event this weekend. Due to some chatter, WWE is now watching global events.

Specifically, according to the Wall Street Journal, United States intelligence sources have tipped off the Saudi Arabian government relative to credible threats from Iran.

The report indicated that an attack on Saudi Arabia from Iran could happen at any time.

Several wrestling pundits reported on this concerning development and what it might mean for WWE’s latest event in the Middle East.

Given how generally unpopular the events have been among some very critical groups of fans, having one cancelled might not be the worst thing.

Still, according to PWInsider, the show remains on for now, and nothing has come to light that would put it in jeopardy.

update hangman adam page

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

The Wrestling Observer tacked on to that noting that the show was so close to happening that it would take a significant development to change that.

Of course, if Iran changes things, all bets are off. Right now, as this is being written, WWE appears to have no thoughts about cancelling or postponing.

If the Middle East becomes a sudden and concerning military theater? You have to think WWE will get its people out of harm’s way as fast as possible.

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