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Carmella Suffers Tragic Miscarriage, Kevin Owens Plans On Hold

In sad news from outside the ring, Carmella suffers a tragic miscarriage. Plus, while he seemed poised, Kevin Owens' plans are on hold.

In some really sad news, Superstar Carmella suffers a tragic miscarriage. Plus, that push we thought we saw coming-those Kevin Owens plans are now on hold.

Carmella Suffers Tragic Miscarriage

She’s been off television for a bit, but she took time to share some sad news. Carmella suffers a tragic miscarriage and you just feel for her and real-life husband Corey Graves.

Here’s a snapshot of the sad news.

Something like that is hard to handle, and generally even harder to share. It is such an emotional time for the couple, in some ways I am surprised that Graves was still working commentary.

Many fans and pundits shared their thoughts on Twitter, and we have to agree. Being a Superstar is secondary to what Carmella suffers through now.

While fans might wish to have Carmella back, after she suffers this tragic miscarriage, two things should be clear.

First, she (and Graves) deserve whatever time off is needed to heal.

carmella suffers tragic miscarriage
source :@wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Second, perhaps she’s inclined to keep trying. We won’t know, nor should we need to know, if this was a happy accident or the near-realization of a life-long dream.

Meaning, perhaps it might be a while before we see Mella be money on any shows.

Or, following this tragic loss, will she bury her sorrow in her in-ring work?

Kevin Owens Plans On Hold

There are conflicting reports as to why things are now paused, but regardless of the reports, it seems the Kevin Owens plans are on hold.

Not that long ago, Kevin Owens was bringing his prize fighter gimmick back to life, and fans were loving it.

Things looked good…but we’ve seen less of Owens on television of late.

According to WrestleVotes, the reason is due to Sami Zayn and his amazing popularity within The Bloodline story arc.

carmella suffers tragic miscarriage
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Early on, before Zayn’s involvement took on a life of it’s own, we got some Owens-Zayn interactions, teasing what was to come.

However, while one outlet is telling us WWE put KO on ice due to Sami…that is not true, according to yet another pundit.

So, we thought we knew why Owens was off TV…expect we don’t.

Could we see Owens intervene for Logan Paul on Saturday, thus sparking off the old Owens/Reigns feud once more?

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