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The former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno suffered serious burns in a gasoline fire last weekend, and he’s been at the Grossman Burn Center ever since. The former “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen has since revealed that he visited Leno at the facility, and he gave fans an update on how he is doing.

But first, check out one of Leno and Allen’s more fun moments in the video below.

‘He’s Feeling Better’

“He’s feeling better,” Allen told TMZ. “We did some jokes, which is what we do. We commiserated. We just connected as friends and that’s the one thing you can do.”

Allen went on to assure fans that Leno’s face will not be disfigured by the fire despite suffering third degree burns to it. 

“His face looks great,” the former “Last Man Standing” star continued. “He’s handsome and he’s happy. The hospital is doing a great job taking care of him.”

“Jay is good – it’s wonderful because he’s feeling better, feeling better,” he added, explaining that he’d brought “his car magazines” for Leno to look at while he recovers.

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Leno Calls Allen

Leno was working on a vintage car in his garage in Burbank, California when the vehicle burst into flames last weekend. Allen had previously told USA Today that Leno called him immediately after the fire and said, “Yeah, I got burned pretty bad.”

“I said, ‘But you’re on the phone. I would be crying in the hospital if I was burned,'” Allen recalled. “He goes, ‘Yeah, it’s pretty bad.’ ‘Do you have no central nervous system? I don’t understand how’re you talking on the phone.’ But he’s doing alright.”

Leno himself released a statement after the fire, saying, “I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet,” according to Daily Mail

Mechanic Gives Details On Fire

George Swift, a mechanic in Leno’s garage, spoke out to give more details about the fire. 

“It was a steam car. This steam was made by gas. It got sprayed, as a gas,” Swift said. “He called me, and he told me there was a fire and the fire department is coming.”

Swift later told Access Hollywood that Leno is “going to be fine. It’s nothing life-threatening. He’s in great spirits, but you know, it’s going to take a while.”

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Leno ‘In Stable Condition’

A spokesperson for the Grossman Burn Center told People Magazine that “Jay wants everyone to know that he is in stable condition and receiving treatment … for burns that he received to his face and hands from a gasoline accident in his garage over the weekend.”

“He is in good humor and is touched by all the inquiries into his condition and well wishes,” the spokesperson continued. “[He] wants to let everyone know he is doing well and is in “the best burn center in the United States.'”

Leno has long been known to have a passion for cars, and he has 180 vehicles in his garage including exotic cars, hypercars and museum-grade artifacts, according to US News & World Report.

Please pray for Leno as he continues on his long road to recovery from this tragic incident. 

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