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The death of a man who was found dead at a Jason Aldean concert back in 2014 has just been ruled a homicide. 

Man Murdered At Aldean Concert

Fox News reported that Cory Barron, 22, vanished on July 18, 2014 during a concert at Progressive Field in Ohio that featured Aldean and other country music artists after attending it with family and friends. His body was found four days later in a landfill by a worker, with police later saying that he fell down a five-story garbage chute that is located along the left field foul line.

Though police initially said that they did not find any signs of foul play, The Lorain County Coroner’s Office changed its mind on Monday and ruled Barron’s death a homicide. County Coroner Frank Miller explained that officials have received new information suggesting that Barron was “involved in an altercation” before he passed away. 

“In light of the additional information, his death was due to the actions or failure to act of another person or persons,” Miller said. 

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Barron’s Family Never Gave Up reported that Barron’s family has always believed he was murdered, and they hired their own private investigator to gather evidence after the police initially failed to rule his death a homicide. This evidence is part of what led to Barron’s case being reopened. 

Sgt. Aaron Reese, a supervisor in the homicide unit, would not say if police have any suspects at this time.

“There are people we are interested in speaking with, and we are working on taking steps to attempt to speak with them,” he said. “We’re continuing to investigate. And we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that the Barron family gets the justice that they deserve.”

When asked what led to the change in the cause of death ruling, Reese said that “there’s further DNA testing that we conducted and are seeking to conduct,” according to News 5 Cleveland

“I don’t believe — the evidence suggests that Cory didn’t voluntarily go into that trash chute,” he added. 

Reese said that police want anyone who may have been at this concert to “think real hard about anything they may have seen that was out of the ordinary and contact the Cleveland police or Crimestoppers information.”

“It was a big show, a big concert,” Reese explained. “A lot of people there, so, absolutely, I believe that there are people out there who hold missing pieces to this puzzle.”

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Rare For Medical Examiner To Change Ruling 

Rob Slattery, a private investigator who has no involvement in this case, said that it’s hard to convince a medical examiner or coroner to change a cause of death.

“It is such an uphill battle to get a medical examiner or coroner’s office to change the cause of death because you have to come up with something very substantial evidence-wise,” Slattery said.

“But the biggest hurdle is that once a cause of death is determined, and lets say it’s accidental, the investigation stops, there’s really no work that is going on that is going to go towards changing that cause of death,” he continued. 

Find out more about this in the video below.

Aldean has yet to comment on this homicide. We hope and pray that Barron’s family are finally able to get justice for him all these years later. 

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