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King Charles III and Queen Camilla were egged by a protester on Wednesday, the same day the latest season of the Netflix series “The Crown” dropped. 

Charles And Camilla Have Eggs Hurled At Them

Charles and Camilla were visibly stunned on Wednesday morning when eggs were thrown at them during a royal outing in York. 

People Magazine reported that Charles and Camilla were at Micklegate Bar, which is a historic gateway in the British city, when a protester shouted “This country was built on the blood of slaves” and threw the eggs at them.

One egg whizzed right by the face of Charles, narrowly missing him as he looked down while it splattered on the ground. Meanwhile, Camilla looked towards the protester with a concerned look on her face after realizing that the eggs had been thrown at her and her husband. Officers protecting the King and Queen quickly formed a protective shield around them as they continued with their walkabout.

Some members of the crowd booed, while others voiced their support for Charles by shouting “God save the King!”

Witness Speaks Out

Witness Kim Oldfield told the BBC that soon after Charles and Camilla arrived at the gateway, she saw “some booing and eggs flying”.

“About five eggs he’d managed to send,” she recounted. “Camilla sort of flinched a little bit when the booing started, but [police] quelled it really quickly. Just a shame they spoilt what was a lovely moment.”

The protester, who has been identified only as a 23 year-old University of York student, was arrested and remains in custody at this time on suspicion of a public order offense. The student’s university released a brief statement saying that it is “appalled” by what he allegedly did, and that officials will be reviewing the incident to see if the student violated university rules.

The fact that the eggs missed Charles so narrowly shows just how vulnerable the King really is weeks into his reign. He’s only been a ruling monarch for two months since the death of his beloved mother Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8 at the age of 96 after a record-breaking 70 years on the British throne.

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‘The Crown’ Season 5 Premieres

This attack occurred on the very same day that season 5 of the Netflix series “The Crown” was released. This season is said to portray Charles and Camilla in a less-than-positive light, as it depicts their affair during his marriage to Princess Diana. 

Check out a trailer for the show below. 

Charles Unveils Statue Of Mother

Charles and Camilla had come to York on Wednesday to unveil a statue of Elizabeth, the first of its’ kind to be installed after her passing.

“My wife and I are deeply touched to have been asked to unveil this statue to my beloved mother,” Charles said in a speech as he unveiled the statue. 

“When this statue was first planned five years ago, during a reign of unprecedented duration and achievement, it was intended as a celebration of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” he continued. “Now, as we have witnessed, with great sadness, the passing of that reign, it is unveiled in her memory, as a tribute to a life of extraordinary service and devotion.”

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“The late Queen was always vigilant for the welfare of her people during her life,” Charles said. “Now, her image will watch over what will become Queen Elizabeth Square, for centuries to come — a constant example of the duty and care for others, and for our community, which is the calling and the duty we all share.”

Elizabeth would undoubtedly be appalled if she knew that her son would have eggs hurled at him just a few weeks into his reign. While the timing of this attack occurring on the same day as the latest season of “The Crown” premiered may be a coincidence, one can’t help but wonder how much the series will negatively impact both the popularity and safety of both Charles and Camilla. 

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