Kid Rock can't be cancelled

Iconic rocker Kid Rock sat down with the Fox News host Tucker Carlson for an epic interview this week in which he boasted that cancel culture will never be able to take him down.

Kid Rock Is ‘Uncancellable’

“Why haven’t you been canceled?” Carlson asked Kid Rock, who wore a “We The People” hat during the interview.

“I am uncancellable,” Kid Rock replied, according to USA Today. “I’m not in bed with any big corporate things. At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to — no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

Kid Rock Defends Donald Trump

Later in the interview, Kid Rock defended the speaking style of former President Donald Trump, who he voted for in the last election.

“Trump speaks off the cuff, I understand what that’s like, sometimes you get it wrong,” he said.

Kid Rock’s full interview with Carlson is set to air tonight on Fox News at 8pm EST. 

Kid Rock previously said that he will be cancelling any concert on his upcoming “Bad Reputation” tour this year if the venues have any COVID-19 rules in place. 

“You’re going to be getting your money back because I won’t be showing up, either,” Kid Rock said, according to MLive. “If you think I’m going to sit out there and say don’t tell me how to live, ‘We The People,’ while people are holding up their f-ing vaccine cards and wearing masks, that s— ain’t happening.”

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Kid Rock was referring to his song anti-Joe Biden song “We The People,” which you can check out below. 

Inspiration Behind ‘We The People’

Kid Rock has said that “We The People” was inspired by “all the craziness going on in our world in the last few years, and the politics, and the polarization and social justice,” according to The New York Post

“You know, constantly for just being a Trump fan [I am] attacked in the media day in day out,” he continued. “I don’t mind taking a punch, but I hit back, motherf–ker, and I hit hard.”

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Even so, Kid Rock has made it clear that he wants to see the American people unite in the future. 

“We gotta keep fighting for right to be free,” he pleaded. “And every human being doesn’t have to agree. We all bleed red, brother, listen to me. It’s time for love and unity.”

We applaud Kid Rock for continuing to be one of the few celebrities who is openly and unapologetically conservative. Don’t forget to tune in for the full interview with Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson tonight.

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