Brock Lesnar Kevin Owens
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Brock Lesnar will work with almost anyone, with Kevin Owens being an exception. Also, a former AEW champion has been cleared to return.

Brock Lesnar – Kevin Owens Beef

Working with Brock Lesnar means a superstar has certainly made it. Lesnar only works a few programs per year, so WWE listens.

And unlike most of the talent signed to WWE, Lesnar has more sway. While he does not have total control over booking, his input matters.

Back in 2017, WWE was stilling doing brand against brand at Survivor Series. Therefore, the top champions from RAW and SmackDown met.

For weeks, WWE had billed Jinder Mahal against Lesnar. On paper the match seemed one-sided. T

hen, at the last minute, AJ Styles defeated Mahal on SmackDown.

As a result, Lesnar and Styles met at Survivor Series. In one of Lesnar’s best matches since returning to WWE, he defeated Styles.

While speaking on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg discussed Lesnar. Apparently, Lesnar would face Mahal, but he an issue with Kevin Owens.

“I really want to clarify, it isn’t that he had no intention of wanting to work with Jinder,” said Road Dogg. “It’s that he really thought he could have a better match with AJ [Styles].” 

“So, I just wanted that to be clear. Look, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Brock saying I’m not working with that guy.” 

“Well, I did. I did hear that with Kevin Owens, but only him.”

Road Dogg did not provid any reason for Lesnar not wanting to work with Owens. It seems like Owens is well liked and is certainly a top name in WWE.

Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar’s Current Positions

Perhaps, Owens’ style was not for Lesnar. In the past, Owens is known to take some huge bumps as he sacrifices himself and his opponent.

For now, Lesnar is in the middle of a program with Bobby Lashley. They met at Crown Jewel earlier in the month.

Lashley dominated the match until the end. Despite a botched pin, Lesnar sort of revered a submission for a three count. 

Their feud will likely conclud at the Royal Rumble or maybe WrestleMania 39.

Owens just returned to TV last week, following short absence. He has inserted himself to be on the opposite side of The Bloodline for WarGames at Survivor Series tomorrow evening.

Ex AEW Champion Healed Up

Brock Lesnar Kevin Owens

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Since July, Scorpio Sky has been off AEW TV. He was already dealing with a back injury and then injured his knee shortly before a street fight with Wardlow.

Unfortunately, the injury came just as Sky was in the midst of his biggest push. The feud with Wardlow saw Sky drop the TNT Championship.

According to Fightful’s paywall, Sky is cleared to return. In fact, he was given the okay by doctors quite some time ago.

It seems AEW is waiting for the right time to bring him back. Before the hiatus, Sky, along with Ethan Page, were working with American Top Team’s Dan Lambert.

Since then, Lambert has been removed from TV. And, as for Page, he is getting a nice singles push.

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