Austin Theory MITB Cash-In Criticized, Erick Rowan – WWE

Austin Theory failed Money in the Bank (MITB) cash-in is being criticized by a particular WWE talent. Also, Bray Wyatt wants Erick Rowan back.

Austin Theory MITB Cash-In Criticized

Monday’s RAW saw a huge moment take place. First, Austin Theory decided to cash-in in his Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase. 

He has teased a cash-in before, but something always prevented them. This time he cashed-in in a unique way.

Every other MITB winner, whether male or female, used their opportunity to cash-in on a world champion. Theory went a different route and challenged Seth Rollins for his United States Championship.

Despite having the advantage, Theory was pinned and therefore left with no gold.

On the After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves expressed his frustration over Theory losing.

“I’m furious with how it all played out,” said Graves. “I was furious as it was unfolding before our very eyes mere feet away from us as Theory strutted his way down.” 

“I think the world of Austin Theory and I truly believe what Mr. McMahon was saying six months ago. This guy could be the guy.” 

“I understand things change. Everything has changed, everything in our universe has changed in the last few months.” 

Honestly, Theory not winning the match might have been for the best. Typically, the winner goes after a world champion, but Roman Reigns holds both titles.

And, if we are being honest, Theory was never going to pin Reigns. Now, Theory is in the United States picture and he has plenty of time before being elevated to the main event.

Erick Rowan – WWE

Source: @SOAismyReligion, Twitter, Screenshot

During the hight of the pandemic, WWE released a large chunk of their wrestlers. RAW, SmackDown, NXT and developmental talent were not safe.

There were some shocking releases, but none more than Bray Wyatt. He was always a hit with fans and The Fiend gimmick really connected.

Thanks to Triple H, he returned at the conclusion of Extreme Rules. Since then, he has been cutting bizarre promos that also feature a new character, known as Uncle Howdy.

In a recent interview with Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes noted how Wyatt has power backstage. He is using that in hopes of Bo Dallas and Erick Rowan (KnowErick Redbeard) returning to WWE.

“There’s people that Bray likes, people he wants to work with,” according to WrestleVotes. “Bo Dallas is one of them and so is Erick Rowan. If Erick wants to come back, I’m sure they’d allow that, if Bray also wanted it.”

“I know for a fact that they will listen to every single idea that man [Wyatt] has and they will try to do it to perfection. That’s the kind of respect that he has.”

The belief is Bo will return, if he has not already. Some think Bo is the person behind the Uncle Howdy mask.

Rowan and Wyatt go all the way back to NXT. They were part of the Wyatt Family until the late Luke Haper and Rowan were removed from the stable.

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