sami zayn big plans
source: @samizayn, twitter, screenshot

He is enjoying quite the spotlight now, and it seems WWE has big plans for Sami Zayn moving forward. Plus, is Hall of Famer JBL coming back to the company?

WWE Has Big Plans For Sami Zayn

He is one of the hottest things going for them, and it seems WWE has big plans for Sami Zayn.

At least, that is the belief from the Wrestling Observer.

Reviewing the current landscape, Sami Zayn is a big part of the Bloodline, and he has been arguably stealing every one of their segments.

To the point of having folks like Jimmy and Jey and Roman struggle to keep a straight face.

The crowds have clearly been behind Sami, too. While the Bloodline is supposed to be the top heel group, Sami Zayn is getting babyface love.

And according to the Observer, WWE has big plans for Zayn.

sami zayn big plans

source: @samizayn, twitter, screenshot

Jey does not trust Sami, and this surely seems to be laying the foundation for a future program.

With top challengers for Reigns dwindling, some think we may eventually see Zayn turn on Reigns, or the Bloodline turn on Zayn.

Either way, the split could be coming, and it could give us a Zayn-Reigns feud…until whatever next big thing comes down the pike.

To be fair, this is not the worst idea in the world. As improbable as a Zayn victory over Reigns might seem…I can also imagine the pop if he pulls it off.

And, unlike names like Drew, Riddle and Lesnar…we’ve not yet seen Reigns and Zayn for the title.

A new face to challenge for the titles is a good thing, and as good a worker as Sami is, you can be sure the matches would be solid.

Is JBL Coming Back?

We saw a tease of this over the summer, as Happy Corbin got a ride in a Texas-themed limo…so is JBL coming back to WWE television?

According to PWInsider, that could be the case, and it could be happening soon.

JBL’s limo was seen, and he was heard, in September. He beckoned Happy Corbin into the limo, and we’ve not seen either man since.

That might be changing soon, as the report indicates JBL is expected to be present for several upcoming episodes of RAW.

No further details were available, and it’s not known which RAW would be the first appearance for JBL.

There have been rumblings that the once again beaten down Corbin is going to be getting a bit of a character change.

Having that change driven by the WWE Hall of Famer could be intriguing.

JBL had a good run on commentary after his in-ring career wrapped, so we know he can talk.

Would Layfield come back to serve as a manager or mentor to Corbin?

sami zayn big plans

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Or, could we see him serve as a brief motivational ploy, similar to Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes in NXT?

One thing is clear, there is a decent amount of interest in it. Corbin was once considered potentially a top guy (he did have a Money In The Bank run).

Pairing him with JBL could be gold.

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