JBL Bullied Mauro Ranallo
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Many say JBL bullied Mauro Ranallo, but the WWE Hall of Famer is denying those allegations. Also, Toni Storm is doing great after getting engaged.

JBL On Reports He Bullied Mauro Ranallo

When its comes to JBL, he is known for being tough and his lengthy pro wrestling career. Although, his is also known for his bullying tactics.

Some would call his actions simply hazing. Others, think he has crossed the line on several occasions.

His comments often affected Mauro Ranallo, who eventually departed WWE. On Hannibal TV, JBL went over the accusations that he bullied Ranallo.

Basically, JBL says it all began when he was told WWE had an extra five minutes. So, WWE wanted JBL to talk about not being voted the best play by play announcer. 

“I did a rant on the show about how they’re calling Mauro the number one announcer,” said JBL. “He’s retweeted it, and blah, blah, blah, 100% in character, and people talk about that poll, and I was so jealous of that poll that I went on TV and talked about it.” 

“I didn’t know the poll existed until right before we went on the show and I just assumed Mauro knew that that was something I had done in character.”

“That was just me being JBL on camera and I think Mauro took that the wrong way.” 

“I hope now he realizes that that was something that I did that was 100% in character. I saw Mauro a few weeks later, everything fell out and I became the bad guy with everything, and I saw him standing by his car on his phone.” 

JBL Tried To Make Peace With Mauro Ranallo

“Anyway, I walked across the parking lot and he was on his phone so I couldn’t talk to him. But I shook his hand. I just went across, shook his hand and he said, ‘How you doing, man?’” 

“I said, ‘Good, brother’, and I just left. (Also, I wanted to) let him know that there was no ill-intent, at least me toward him.”

In the end, Ranallo and WWE did not mix. He produced some great moments, but his medical problems caused WWE to make last minute changes.

Still, Ranallo is finding plenty of work. You can catch him calling almost any sport, with preference on boxing and MMA.

Superstar Engaged

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WWE is holding the first night of their Draft later today, but one superstar is already celebrating.

SmackDown’s Toni Storm announced her engagement late Thursday. She is marrying none other than New Japan Pro Wrestling star Juice Robinson.

On social media, Storm wrote, “Pop the champagne I’m changing my last name ??”

Several wrestling names, from WWE and other companies, sent positive messages. From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we would also like to wish the couple the very best. 

Storm won the last Mae Young Classic Tournament and also was NXT UK Women’s Champion. She spent a few months in NXT this year, before switching to SmackDown.

So far, she has randomly been used on the main roster. Hopefully, the Draft will change her position on the roster.

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