wwe changing more events
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Following the cancellation of Day One, is WWE changing more premium events? Plus, NXT may be looking at arenas for holding shows outside of the Performance Center.

WWE Changing More Events

There is a new regime in place, and with the new team we may see WWE changing more premium live events.

Earlier it was reported that WWE has cancelled the short-lived Day One premium live event.

With the news of it’s cancellation, and barring anything else popping up, that means that Survivor Series will end the 2022 WWE PLE calendar.

2023’s first event currently stands as the Royal Rumble.

According to the Wrestling Observer, more changes could be in the works.

Of course, the Observer wouldn’t or couldn’t offer specifics, but the thinking is we could see more international events and fewer specialized ones.

wwe changing more events

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Depending on the international choices, that could be a good thing.

Case in point? Clash at the Castle…

In terms of specialized events, that could mean less like Extreme Rules or Hell In A Cell.

The recently wrapped Extreme Rules was a very good show. Part of why was likely WWE returning to actually having those matches have extreme stipulations.

In recent years past, the company had called it Extreme Rules, but most matches were lacking.

For an event like Hell In A Cell, less is more. If that means they retire the PLE, but trot out the structure as needed but only on rare occasions, that could work.

WWE also has some unique matches like Elimination Chamber which, while exciting, might need a break.

This could also call into question the existence of the Money In The Bank event. Remembering that this started as a match at WrestleMania and morphed into it’s own event…maybe it’s time to go back to it’s roots?

We should find out soon enough, but for WWE, less could be more. Having a nice break between big shows is nice, and if there is a similar gap between the Rumble and WrestleMania?

Fans could be in for some really nice long builds, which could be quite refreshing.

NXT Looking At Arenas

Fans of the original version might really like hearing this-NXT is looking at arenas, and might begin having big shows outside of Florida once again.

When Triple H was running things, and NXT was the best thing WWE had going, it’s TakeOver shows were not to be missed.

Fans knew we would get one the night before a major WWE PPV, like WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

A number of factors changed that. We could blame the pandemic if we wanted, but once NXT left Full Sail and settled into it’s new confines in the Performance Center…things changed.

Since then, every big NXT show has been there.

wwe changing more events

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That may be changing.

Shawn Michaels, in an interview with TVInsider.com, was asked about the chances of NXT returning to the road, specifically for those TakeOver specials.

Per the interview, they have been looking at that. When it will happen, or if it will happen, remains to be seen.

Since the leadership change, NXT has already dropped the bright palette and the 2.0, and changed up the arena a bit.

While it is not a full-on return to the Full Sail scene, it is a start.

Personally, I miss the TakeOver/SummerSlam type weekends. But I am also fine with a major NXT event like Halloween Havoc standing on it’s own this Saturday.

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