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The latest season of The Masked Singer is only two episodes into the series, with the third set to premiere tonight, but two of our favorite stars have already been revealed as contestants on the show!

Legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner and the iconic comedian Jeff Dunham have each sadly been eliminated from the FOX reality show; both going home in episodes 1 and 2 of the season, respectively. Though they didn’t make it far in the competition, Shatner and Dunham each appear to have had a blast, just like they do with everything else they partake in!

Shatner’s ‘Masked Singer’ Performance

Immediately making an impression on The Masked Singer as the Knight, and incognito Shatner, 91, took the stage to perform the Fred Astaire classic “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” which you can check out in the video below.

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The new format of The Masked Singer sees multiple eliminations in every episode, and sadly, the studio audience voted Shatner off. Despite this, he told Entertainment Weekly that being on the show was the “most extraordinary experience I’ve ever had.”

“It was tough. That wardrobe was tough,” Shatner admitted. “And I think that’s part of the show. Part of the fun of The Masked Singer is how awkward everybody feels. I heard somebody say they had a panic attack. And I was close to that myself, not being able to breathe.”

Check out Shatner’s big reveal as The Knight in the video below.

Episode 2 had a theme of “Vegas Night,” and it opened with guest judge Donny Osmond, who came in second on the show’s first season, performing “The Greatest Show” and “Viva La Vegas.” Check out that performance for yourself in the video below.

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Dunham’s Time On ‘The Masked Singer’

Later in the show, Dunham, 60, was found to be the celebrity dressed in a Pi-Rat costume. He was eliminated after taking the stage to perform the iconic Elton John song “Crocodile Rock,” which you can check out below.

While the other judges were wrong about who Pi-Rat was, Osmond was able to guess that it was Dunham right away, something that the comedian and ventriloquist attributed to the fact that he had to hold a miniature rat for his performance. 

“I don’t think anyone would have guessed it was me if I hadn’t been holding a character, and I’m sure the producers want the audience to be able to have a few easy ones,” Dunham told Cinemablend after his elimination.

“A game isn’t fun if you don’t win at least SOME of the time!” the comedian added. “So yeah, I’m really happy they created that character with a sidekick for me. Wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun for me or the audience or the panel without the little rat!”

Check out Dunham’s unveiling as Pi-Rat in the video below.

Other Celebrities Eliminated From ‘The Masked Singer’

So far on this season, the other celebrities who have been eliminated were Monty Python star Eric Idle, N’SYNC band member Chris Kirkpatrick, and singer Montell Jordan. While we wish that Shatner and Dunham could have gone further, it certainly was fun to see them leaving their distinguishable marks on the show.

Tune in tonight at 8 on FOX to see what other celebrities are taking part in this season of The Masked Singer!