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After over 60 years in the entertainment world, Donny Osmond is known for being a versatile performer, and he’s shown time and again that there isn’t much that he can’t do. However, one genre that his fans certainly would not associate Osmond with is rap, but he just showed the world that he actually has talent as a rapper as well!

Osmond Raps On ‘Today’

While appearing on the “Today” show on Wednesday, Osmond shocked everyone when he performed an epic rap about his decades-long career in music.

Osmond, 64, joined the “Today” panel to talk about his hit solo residency in Harrah’s Las Vegas Showroom at Harrah’s Las Vegas — which recently got extended into 2023, according to LATF USA. One of the performances that fans are treated to during this show is an “Auto-rap-ography,” which is described as “a rap song accompanied by milestones photos and videos from his impressive career of six decades.”

When the hosts of “Today” heard about this rap song, they knew they had to hear a piece of it, and Osmond was all too happy to oblige! Check out Osmond breaking into a portion of that rap around the 1:20 mark in the video below.

If you enjoyed that, you can see the full rap performance from Osmond’s show in the video below.

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Osmond To Guest Judge On ‘The Masked Singer’

Osmond’s Las Vegas show isn’t the only thing that he has in the works right now. Deadline reported that Osmond has been confirmed as an upcoming guest judge on season 8 of “The Masked Singer.” Osmond famously came in second on season 1 of the entertaining series back in 2019, losing out to T-Pain, who ironically is a rapper! 

After coming in second place, Osmond opened up to Deseret News about what made him want to go on the show. 

“It’s not like the typical show where anonymous people want to be famous. It’s famous people wanting to be anonymous,” Osmond explained. “What really appealed to me is that all 12 people check their resumes at the door. We all started over. And it didn’t matter how many gold records or films or books. We all were the same.”

“After 56 years of show business, you want to find things that are challenging and fun,” he declared. “And this was definitely challenging because I had nothing to lean back on. I was just someone on stage, one of 12.”

Relive all of Osmond’s “Masked Singer” performances, as well as his big reveal as the Peacock in the season finale, in the video below.

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‘Reinvention Is The Key To Longevity’

Donny has been performing ever since he was a small child, first performing with his family in their musical act “The Osmonds,” and has shown no sign of slowing down. In a 2017 interview, the renowned artist opened up about how he’s stuck around in the music industry for so long.

“It’s always hard to achieve success. It’s never easy,” he admitted at the time. “What’s even harder than achieving success is recreating success.”

“Reinvention is the key to longevity, but it’s how you reinvent yourself when everybody’s keeping you in a pigeonhole of the previous success,” Osmond added. “I look at an artist like Taylor Swift for example. She’s the real deal. I mean, she knows how to keep reinventing herself. What will be interesting for me is to see what she does in ten years.”

Osmond certainly has reinvented himself many times over the years, and his latest rap performance proves that perfectly! We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next in the years to come.

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