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Podcaster Joe Rogan has claimed this week that a teacher friend of his told him a student identifying as a cat forced her school to install a litter box. He cited this as an example of the “woke” craze going way too far in this country.

Rogan made this claim while interviewing Tulsi Gabbard hours after she announced that she was leaving the Democratic Party. In her announcement, the former congresswoman from Hawaii said that she “can no longer remain in today’s Democratic party” and that the Democrat party “is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers.”

Gabbard Ditches Democratic Party – Defends Parents’ Rights

“The danger of it is the people in charge of the Democratic Party, whether they actually hold positions or they just are influential in the Democratic Party, have created this cult-like atmosphere and fomented this fear,” Gabbard told Rogan in their sit-down, according to The Gateway Pundit.

“So much so that people who are really in a position to impact this, to stand up against and say ‘hold on guys this is literally insane and needs to stop’, they’re too afraid to do so because of what the ramifications will be,” she assessed.

Gabbard went on to say that she feels that parents’ rights are being hijacked by “woke” teachers across America.  

“You know parents, don’t have a….you don’t have a right to raise your kids now,” she lamented. “You don’t have a right to say what they’re being taught in schools now.  The state, the government, the teachers’ unions, only they have that right and that responsibility. They’re undermining families.”

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Rogan’s Claim About Litter Box In School

That’s when Rogan claimed that he personally knows a teacher who alleges that her school had to install a litter box to appease a student who so happens to identify as a cat.

“My friend, his wife is a school teacher, and she works at a school that had to install a litter box in the girl’s room because there is a girl who’s a furry who identifies as an animal, and her mother badgered the school until they agreed to put a litter box in one of the stalls,” the podcaster claimed. “So this girl goes into the litter room or to the girl’s room and urinates or whatever. I don’t know if she poops in it, that’s pretty gross.”

“Imagine how crazy it is,” he continued. “You’re a f—king human being, and you prefer a litter box. You want to piss into a pile of sand rather than use a bathroom where you can flush the toilet, and wipe yourself like a normal person.”

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Cat Litter Boxes In Schools?

It should be noted that Rogan did not offer any specific evidence to back up this story. Past rumors of cat litter boxes being installed in schools have been debunked over the past year after they spread on social media. 

That being said, we’ve all seen just how unhinged the “woke” left has become in America and the lengths they’ve gone in their desperate attempt to brainwash the next generation of youths into embracing to their political side.

While we would appreciate Rogan providing further evidence that this really happened in his friend’s schools, we also would not be surprised if his story ends up being all too true because, quite frankly, nothing surprises us about the “woke” left these days.

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