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Horrifying video footage is going viral this week showing a 41 year-old homeless man, who was previously convicted of killing his own grandmother, violently beating up a 33 year-old woman after she refused to engage him in conversation on the subway.

Brutal Attack In Subway Station

Fox News reported that Waheed Foster has been hit with felony assault charges over the incident, which took place on September 20. The graphic security video of the incident shows the attacker chasing down the victim and throwing her into a ticket counter before pummeling her in the head and upper body several times. He then goes so far as to stomp on her.

When a Good Samaritan dressed in orange and carrying a red cross body bag tries to intervene, Foster immediately chases him away through the subway turnstiles. The woman took this opportunity to try and get up, but her assailant quickly returns and kicks her in the face and head at least five more times before fleeing.

Police were called to the vicinity of 159 Avenue and Coleman Square, the Howard Beach JFK Airport station, at around 5:15am. The victim told officers that while riding a northbound A train, an unknown man tried to engage her in conversation, but she ignored him.

“The victim got off the train at the next stop, the subject followed her off the train and proceeded to push, kick and punch her about the body in an unprovoked manner,” police said. “A canvass of the area was conducted with positive results. EMS transported the victim to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.”

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Victim Speaks Out – Fears She May Lose Her Eye

The victim has since been identified as Elizabeth Gomes, who told ABC7 that her head throbs in pain constantly, and that she’s barely slept in the days since the attack. 

“Do you know how scared I am now? I was never a person to be scared,” Gomes said. “I can’t see anything on my right side, honestly. And it just hurts.”

Daily Mail reported that Gomes fears she may lose her eye after the attack, and doctors have warned her she may still lose sight if she chooses to keep it. She went on to say that Foster was muttering something about Satan in the minutes before he attacked her. 

“He’s talking about the devil. He’s talking about a whole bunch of nonsense,” Gomes said.

Clement Tucker, the victim’s husband, has been left both heartbroken and angry by the attack.

“Man, I watched the video, and it tears my heart out of me,” he said. 

Watch Gomes and her husband talk more about this in the video below.

Foster’s Criminal History

Foster has since been arrested, and he was ordered held without bail at his arraignment. His lengthy criminal record includes charges of assault on a woman with a screwdriver, criminal mischief, robbery and larceny.

The New York Post reported that Foster was even arrested in 1995 for killing his own grandmother when he was only 14 years-old. The elderly victim, Ariela Mascha, was beaten to death and left with 20 broken ribs, a stab wound in the leg and a punctured liver. Police said at the time that the vicious attack on her was sparked by an argument with her grandson about money. 

Foster confessed to the killing and was ultimately convicted in her death but, since he was a minor at the time, it’s unclear how much time he served.

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‘Every Day Is An Incident In The Subway’

Clearly, this man should not have been on the streets, and the fact that he was serves as a reminder of how dangerous the liberal-run city of New York has become. Gomes said that there was no police officer in the subway station to stop the attack and save her from Foster’s vicious attack.

“Every day is an incident in the subway,” she said. “What happened to all these police officer they said they will have there to protect us? There’s like nobody to be found. I don’t understand.”

Here’s hoping that Foster is brought to justice, and that New York lawmakers take steps to make their city safer for law-abiding citizens.

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