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A man from New York City who has been accused of smearing feces on a female subway rider has been hit with a brutal dose of karma, as his face was scalded with boiling water at Rikers Island when a fellow inmate attacked him.

Feces Attacker Hit With Dose Of Karma

A jailhouse source confirmed to Fox News that Frank Abrokwa, 37, will likely have permanent facial scarring after an inmate who is known as “Burns” attacked him with boiling water at the Anna M. Kross Correctional Facility.

“You can wash s–t off your face and remain with the mental scars,” the source told The New York Post. “When it comes to hot water, you will have physical and mental scars for the rest of your life.” 

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Abrokwa made headlines back in February, when police say he allegedly defecated in a bag before approaching a 43 year-old woman in a Bronx subway station at East 241st Street. There, he “struck her in the face and the back of the head with human feces” in an attack that was caught on camera. 

The chilling footage of the attack shows Abrokwa standing behind the woman as he hits her on the head before he walks away. He had allegedly also tried to hit the woman minutes before the attack.

“S**t happens. Haha,” said after his arrest, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Daily Mail. “This is a s***ty situation. Haha.”

Abrokwa Arrested And Released

Abrokwa was arrested after the incident and charged with assault, reckless endangerment, menacing, disorderly conduct, and harassment. However, he was outrageously released without bail because the misdemeanors were deemed to be nonviolent.

Abrokwa is being held at Rikers Island for an unrelated incident that occurred after his release for the feces assault. In this incident, he allegedly shattered a glass window with a dumbbell at the Treasure Island Storage Facility in Harlem after he threatened a worker there. A judge set Abrokwa’s bail for this incident at $15,000, and he’s being held at Riker’s Island until he can potentially pay it. 

Though Abrokwa is only 37 years-old, he has a rap sheet that dates all the way back to the 1990s, with police saying that he has at least 20 unsealed prior arrests and charges that include robbery, assault, forcible touching, criminal possession of stolen property and aggravated harassment. 

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Abrokwa Threatens To Kill Jewish Man

After being released for the feces incident, Abrokwa was immediately arrested again for allegedly threatening to murder a Jewish man in Brooklyn back in September. Menachem Minkowitz, 46, claimed that he was leaving a deli when Abrokwa approached him out of nowhere and targeted him because of his Jewish garb.

“Everything happened so quick,” he recalled. “A person comes up and spits on me. I said, ‘What the f**k is wrong with you?’ And he said, ‘F**king Jew.'”

“I’m going to kill you!” Abrokwa allegedly told him before taking a swing at him.

“I saw the evil in his eyes,” Minkowitz added. “I love people, but I saw the evil in his eyes. It was bad.”

Abrokwa was charged with aggravated harassment, menacing in the third degree as a hate crime, menacing in the third degree, and disorderly conduct, for this incident, but he was still released under supervision. It was only after the dumbbell crime that he was finally placed behind bars, where he belongs.

This comes as New York City, and many other liberal-run cities all over the country, are experiencing massive crime waves. While we would never advocate violence, one can’t help but feel that Abrokwa got hit with the karma that he had coming. 

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