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Hollywood star Kevin Sorbo of “Hercules” fame is claiming that he has been blacklisted by Hollywood for the last twelve years because he is a Christian conservative. He added that in the current leftwing world of Hollywood, he’d be nominated for an Oscar if he “played a radical Islamic pedophile terrorist.”

Sorbo Blacklisted For Being A Conservative Christian

“My manager and agent called me in about 10 or 11 years ago and said, ‘We can’t work with you anymore because you’re conservative and a Christian,’ which is like being a double leper, apparently, in Hollywood,” Sorbo, 64, said while appearing on Just the News, Not Noise,  as transcribed by Consequence. “The whole thing in Hollywood is, they all scream for tolerance. They scream for freedom of speech. But as you know, it’s all a one way street with them.”

Sorbo went on to say that aside from his religion and political beliefs, his penchant for positivity has also cost him acting jobs.

“I’m doing movies that have love and hope, redemption, faith, laughter — things that Hollywood won’t do,” he explained. 

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Sorbo’s Conversations With Netflix

“I got a call from Netflix saying, ‘Hey, we know you have a strong foot in this inspirational world. We want to open an inspirational division here at Netflix,'” he continued. “Had three or four meetings with them over a couple months, gave them some great projects for series or for movies, they still didn’t make a move on it. I think there’s such a weird ideology. I still think they want to, but they’re afraid, ‘Oh my gosh, we’ll get a backlash within the Hollywood elites if we do a movie that’s got a positive message in it.’”

Sorbo then quipped, “I always joke that if I played a radical Islamic pedophile terrorist in a movie, I’d get nominated for an Academy Award.” 

Sorbo’s Previous Comments 

This isn’t the first time that Sorbo has opened up about being a conservative in Hollywood.

“When I sort of came out of the conservative closet, so to speak, I’ve always been a conservative, my wife warned me… ‘This is probably going to hurt your career,'” Sorbo told Fox News in 2019.  “And it did hurt my career.”

“But thank God there’s an independent world out there as well that keeps me busy,” he added at the time. “I’ve been averaging three, four movies a year for the last 15 years.”

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Sorbo Calls Out Liberal Hypocrisy

Sorbo went on to call out liberal hypocrisy when it comes to freedom of speech.

“I don’t understand this scream for tolerance and scream for freedom of speech that comes from the left, but it’s all a one-way street,” the actor asserted.  “Why can’t we have an open dialog about it? But it’s a difficult road to have to travel … it gets frustrating because … to me, it’s childish and not really fair.”

“It’s strange that it’s a battle that we even have to fight,” he went on. “I have liberal friends. I have atheist friends… We have great talks and great debates. We still go golfing and have a beer.”

It’s sad that Hollywood has become so dominated by liberals that a conservative Christian like Sorbo can effectively be blacklisted for his beliefs. We can only hope that the liberals of Hollywood someday learn to open up their minds to other views, and that Sorbo is able to start working consistently in mainstream projects again.

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