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Duane Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, went off on President Joe Biden in a major rant this week that has quickly gone viral. He went so far as to compare Biden to Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, and predicted the 46th president of the United States will “commit suicide” after November’s midterm elections.

‘Why Did You Let That Freak Steal The Election?’

Over the weekend, Dog was speaking at the Christian evangelical “Opening the Heavens” conference, which bills itself as a “multi-day event where the prophetic heart of God and the manifestation of His supernatural power are demonstrated to those in attendance,” according to Deadline.

Dog reportedly began by asking God, “Why did you let that freak steal the election?”

The former reality TV star went on to say that he got his answer to this question in the parable of Jesus healing a blind man to manifest the power of God. He then related this story from the Bible to the 2020 election and the midterms.

“Yeah, he stoled [sic.] it — little Hitler — because now we are going to show you God’s manifestation,” Dog said.

Dog’s Bold Prediction

Dog later appeared onstage again to predict what will happen in the midterm elections.

“Wait ’til November, the Republicans are going to wipe them out,” he said emphatically.

Dog then offered a bold prediction about what will happen to Biden, who he referred to as “little Hitler.” 

“I told you this morning, little Hitler, and if you’ll remember, Hitler committed suicide,” Dog said. “You know why? Because he was caught. And you know what’s gonna happen? They’re gonna catch these cheaters, and I’m not saying with my mouth or my tongue that he’s gonna commit suicide, but you never know.”

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While Dog has always been known to be a Republican, as he’s campaigned for Republicans in the past, it’s rare that he’s spoken out about politics as publicly as this. While some will be offended by just how far Dog went with this speech, many will agree with his disdain for Biden as a president. Last month, polls showed that Biden’s approval rating had hit a low of 38%, the lowest of any modern president, according to

Dog’s Falling Out With ‘Woke’ Daughter

Last year, Dog had a falling out with his daughter Bonnie, 23, who he shared with his late wife Beth, after she went “woke” and signed on for a social justice reality show called “The System.” The group was meant to follow young people who become activists in an effort to “eradicate the failings of America’s criminal justice system,” according to The Daily Beast.

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“Bonnie is being brainwashed,” Dog told Entertainment Tonight at the time after his daughter tried to distance herself from him; accusing her father of using racist and homophobic language.

“She’s been fed what to say,” Dog also said. “I have three men on my staff that are gay. My daughter is gay, Baby Lyssa. I don’t understand why anybody would ever say that.”

Many conservatives will sadly be able to relate to Dog’s position as the father of a young girl who has been “brainwashed” by the radical left. Here’s hoping that in the future, Dog continues to use his platform to speak out against the left.

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