WWE Released Jeff Jarrett, When Is Booker T’s Contract Up

wwe released jeff jarrett
source: @wrestlingcovers, twitter, screenshot

According to a report, it seems WWE released Jeff Jarrett recently. Plus, he’s a frequent guest, but when is Booker T’s contract up?

WWE Released Jeff Jarrett

It seems that as quickly as he came back, he is now gone. A report indicates that WWE has released Jeff Jarrett.

The report comes from Brad Shepard, noting that per a source within WWE, the WWE Hall of Famer is no longer with the company in any capacity.

Thus far, there has been no formal confirmation via official WWE channels.

However, if the report is indeed true, it would mark a surprisingly short stint with the company for Jarrett.

Jarrett returned to the company in May, taking on a role as VP of Live Events.

He was then selected to be the special referee for the tag title match at SummerSlam.

wwe released jeff jarrett

source: @wrestlingcovers, twitter, screenshot

Along the way, he also was allowed to work the main event match on Ric Flair’s Final Match.

That match was seemingly cleared with WWE, or his contract language did not expressly prevent him from working it.

Now, his latest run with WWE has seemingly come to an end. It is unclear if this was a mutual decision, or if this was something stemming from who brought him in.

Which, of course, is the now out of power Vince McMahon.

Knowing that Jarrett has his own podcast, it seems likely that any reason for the exit will eventually become known.

When Is Booker T’s Contract Up

Speaking of time with the company, when is Booker T’s contract up?

Or, is he even under contract?

We see Booker T pop up with regularity for PPV kick off shows, and he did just pop up on commentary not long ago.

So, what is his contract status?

Booker T talked about his contract on his own podcast recently.

If you are a fan of the five time champ and WWE Hall of Famer, it sounds like you will be seeing him for a long time to come.

According to the former King Booker, his contract has six or seven years left to run.

While he wasn’t sure exactly how long, either answer is quite a bit of run time.

wwe released jeff jarrett

source: @bookert5x, twitter, screenshot

More important, he expressed a lot of happiness and comfort with the deal and his situation.

WWE gives him a regular platform and he is quite entertaining.

At the same time, the working arrangement allows him to work his outside ventures-including his own independent wrestling promotion down in Texas.

That promotion has produced a couple notable current and former Superstars, so it would seem WWE would like to keep that relationship in good status.

If keeping Booker T around and on panels helps WWE land another Ember Moon or Rok-C…that alone is a good reason.

That the WWE Hall of Famer is entertaining and engaging is just an added bonus.